don't hate me...this is my decision.

Published on Jun 24, 2021
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What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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  • John Barca

    John Barca

    7 hours ago

    Cannot wait to see more WLR love the new shirts on the limited collection especially the black.

  • lampkinmedia


    14 hours ago

    Yes I'm feelin you with that Vision Board. It works. My vision is to get a 360 ferrari with the gated manual. I was gonna buy the lamdo gallardo with the gated but after much research I fell in love with the 360. Prices are affordable. This will tide me over until I can afford either an electric super car or hybrid that's not a million plus. Ferrari is supposed to debut an electric car in 2025. In the mean time I will have fun driving the 360 when I buy it in the next year. I have a cool Mustang converible which is fun to drive too but nothing like a Ferrari. I'm excited. Like your channel

  • Robert Cowan

    Robert Cowan

    Day ago

    GEE I WANT A C8....................LOL NOT.............TOTAL JUNK

  • Nick


    Day ago

    its a chipmunk mixed with a its emilia and she wont shut up

  • Shubhanshu Naik

    Shubhanshu Naik

    Day ago

    So did the Ferrari lawyers show up?

  • Evan Nagel

    Evan Nagel

    Day ago

    I would have kept the C8.

  • Boostedart


    2 days ago

    That gt500 did look cooler ✨🐍💪🏼😉

  • Michael Kroepfl

    Michael Kroepfl

    2 days ago

    So rather have that 458 instead of the c8

  • Branden Alexander

    Branden Alexander

    2 days ago

    West Cost exotic is awesome for letting her drive the 458

  • pete d

    pete d

    3 days ago

    Most of us fans are envious of your ability to change rides more often than most of us buy new underware. More Power To You !

  • robert benton

    robert benton

    5 days ago

    The key in the fob will unlock the hatch from the key slot in the back

  • Z24300hp


    5 days ago

    Get a REAL car. 67' Shelby GT 500

  • J.M.M J.M.M

    J.M.M J.M.M

    5 days ago

    Why did the Ferrari prices go up on the 458?

  • Jim Letson

    Jim Letson

    6 days ago

    You make the cars look sooooo sexy love to ride with you nike224

  • Derek Brown

    Derek Brown

    6 days ago

    Cold start for the boys 😍😍😍

  • Notalex Choi

    Notalex Choi

    7 days ago

    After cancel Chevy I knew you could get a Porsche! Cayenne automotive YouTube ALONG with mustang and go

  • Raw Shooter

    Raw Shooter

    7 days ago

    I guess this would be a good argument for why manual transmissions are still needed now days.?



    8 days ago

    emelia is so beautiful.

  • Feli Pena

    Feli Pena

    11 days ago


  • Leo Cumlat

    Leo Cumlat

    12 days ago

    458 is going to be the next ride 4 sure ! But I know I love the Evo also.

  • Jay Wallker

    Jay Wallker

    14 days ago

    Too many computers in cars now. This is ridiculous! I say this as a former electronic technician and computer consultant!! Technojunk.

  • fergy Ferguson

    fergy Ferguson

    14 days ago

    Well I’ll let you drive my 458,only in Tennessee and on my highway with no red lights..

  • PPQ Slammed

    PPQ Slammed

    15 days ago

    Why not have your passenger hold the camera so you don't crash and drive with one hand ?

  • matty P

    matty P

    15 days ago

    Waste 180 is way more than its worth!

  • Starting Tech

    Starting Tech

    16 days ago

    sell that POS and get the 458! a corvette will never be a Ferrari!

  • Joseph Crede

    Joseph Crede

    16 days ago

    Next video: Manual swapping Phoenix!

  • Machine Against The Rage

    Machine Against The Rage

    16 days ago

    When Damon and Dave sell me Manscaped products, I trust their opinion and their review. When Emelia sells me Manscaped I highly doubt she really has an opinion on if the product works. And before anyone says that women have gardens, too… she’s in California…. She’s either “o-natural” or waxes. Get real. But I’m still using her promo code. 😂

  • kosti narain

    kosti narain

    17 days ago

    I don't hate you LOL I pity you..that Ferrari is 😂🤣

  • Mike Holmes

    Mike Holmes

    17 days ago

    wow look at that spaghetti in the fuse panel, probably were the electrical issue is

  • Mike Holmes

    Mike Holmes

    17 days ago

    Brand new and it is already broken, that is great build quality

  • Psyfolk


    18 days ago


  • P A

    P A

    19 days ago

    9:56 is she covering her cleavage lmao lowkey respect

  • David Whitfield

    David Whitfield

    19 days ago

    Prices on a manual 458 are never going down lol manual anything has done nothing over the years but increase in price good luck.

  • Thangmeimung sarunao

    Thangmeimung sarunao

    19 days ago

    Make onlyfans page

  • Nite Owl

    Nite Owl

    20 days ago

    Italian cars are over priced garbage. So are german cars these days. Mercedes some of their garbage in China now.
    Get a fricken 2021 Ford GT!

  • Dreamy_


    21 day ago

    McLaren, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Aston Martin

  • Timothy Votaw

    Timothy Votaw

    21 day ago

    An amazing chick.

  • luke nahdee

    luke nahdee

    22 days ago

    Chevy junk



    22 days ago

    Mental health in my line of work is a overlooked issue. Keep it up, it needs attention accross the country!

  • Alan Fausel

    Alan Fausel

    22 days ago

    it may not start if it goes into re-learn mode

  • Alan Fausel

    Alan Fausel

    22 days ago

    thats cheverolet, hope it turns out ok

  • 908wrx 908lgt

    908wrx 908lgt

    22 days ago

    Blue screen of death

  • 908wrx 908lgt

    908wrx 908lgt

    22 days ago

    Shitty new cars. I’ll stick with my pre -2005 cars in manual trans. And yes that car is broken.

  • Stephen Louden

    Stephen Louden

    22 days ago

    Who cares what you decide on buying /driving as long as it kicks @s5 and you have fun with it.
    Not sure what it is, not that you're not gorgeous and all,.. Maybe it's just that you have a great attitude and warmth to you that makes so many keep watching. Youre awesome keep it up

  • Ben Daulton

    Ben Daulton

    23 days ago

    🤞 Ferrari cease and desist letter🤞
    You can do it Ferrari!

  • David Olivarez

    David Olivarez

    23 days ago

    bruh close the damn door it will never go in to gear or park with door open

  • ทีจี โฟน

    ทีจี โฟน

    23 days ago


  • David Lynd

    David Lynd

    23 days ago

    Nice color but personally I thought silver wheels match better 😂

  • Larry Chapman

    Larry Chapman

    23 days ago

    I'm curious, why do you always start the car with your left hand?

  • GetoverYourself


    24 days ago

    I went from a C8 to a 488, and could not be happier. Completely different level of awesomeness.

  • dbc105


    24 days ago

    Keep wearing the shorts and most people will not care.

  • Ron Lagrone

    Ron Lagrone

    24 days ago

    C8 is a piece of s*** get what you pay for....

  • Bryan Wright

    Bryan Wright

    24 days ago

    Emilia! Huge fan. Need a new fulfillment company for my business, and I wondered who you're using in this video! Would you mind sharing?

  • Jaxdan904


    25 days ago

    best line ever" just give me a stick let me shove it in gear and I'll tell it what I wanted to do" You are a legend!!!!!

  • AlphaOmegaStables


    25 days ago


  • Nathan Kehoe

    Nathan Kehoe

    25 days ago

    drop in the bucket

  • Tyrone's and Jessica's Harley Davidson Breakout

    Tyrone's and Jessica's Harley Davidson Breakout

    25 days ago

    2:00 Reset the TCM



    25 days ago

    my dream car !

  • Brandon Akana

    Brandon Akana

    26 days ago

    Just made a vision board. On it is a beautiful sunset wedding in Hawaii :D First she needs to say YES ;p

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Smile_uwokeup _2day

    26 days ago

    Goood choice ya did here not to sell ya C8.

  • ChopperLarry45


    26 days ago

    Don’t do it the 458 has worse tranny problems at a Ferrari price !!!,

  • Linda Parker

    Linda Parker

    26 days ago

    Love 'Merican Tech!

  • HaXng Buddha

    HaXng Buddha

    26 days ago

    My car wont go into gear-------- WHAT!!!!!!!! LMAO

  • Stanton Frank

    Stanton Frank

    26 days ago

    I love how raw this channel is. Real life situation, real life solutions

  • Beepee Fromabove

    Beepee Fromabove

    26 days ago

    LMAO, wipe my tears on the ferrarri key!!!

  • Beepee Fromabove

    Beepee Fromabove

    26 days ago

    Honestly, I didn't notice the beeping until you noted it as "really annoying". I wish my beeps were so un-annoying in tone.

  • Xhale


    26 days ago

    DDE is running in your blood hard now

  • Thomas JWD

    Thomas JWD

    26 days ago

    Congratulations on the 458. You can see that you really have a clue! Finding a "daily driver" that is reliable is certainly difficult. Taking a car that is featured in the GT3 Endurence makes the most sense. Those who pass the LeMans 24h and run countless laps on most of the often difficult routes in the world can easily manage everyday life. Very cool! But you already proved that with the Huracan. Everything done right. I'm looking forward to the upgrades the 458 will get!

  • J S

    J S

    26 days ago

    458 redline at 9000rpm

  • B Johnson

    B Johnson

    26 days ago

    So.. is it not a criminal offence to drive like a dick and use your phone whilst driving in the USA?

  • John Riley

    John Riley

    27 days ago

    Wait. Why was this recommended to me lol.

  • Glenn Miller

    Glenn Miller

    27 days ago

    Looks like my analysis of her situation was deleted by her or her people. Confirms my observations about her. And BTW. My girl blows her away.

  • Joseph Awad

    Joseph Awad

    27 days ago


  • Richard Salazar

    Richard Salazar

    27 days ago

    i think i seen a pretty girl in Pomona i think it was you, nice legs

  • Mad Mike

    Mad Mike

    27 days ago

    this is why old school cars are better then this laptops on wheels

  • Jacques Thompson

    Jacques Thompson

    27 days ago

    I still say she should've tried to get $220,000 from the guy that offered t to buy it or get $200,000 and a discount on that 458 at that dealer. I'm a Vette man but either one of those deals would've been acceptable. But this coming from someone who can't afford that level decision.

  • JC


    27 days ago

    OMG, everyone losing it over her sponsor. I’m more concerned about how fast she’s driving on a public road near parked cars and exits. That car is so fast somebody may not see her and exit a driveway or store lot and hit her. I don’t want to see anybody get hurt. I wish all the super/hyper car owners would slow it down a little and think of the public instead of their wallets.

  • Justin Tuite

    Justin Tuite

    27 days ago

    Lets see the manscaped bloopers! Haha

  • Jerrika Haught

    Jerrika Haught

    28 days ago

    *holds shirt while leaning towards the camera* she knows what’s up! Respect ✊🏻

  • Sean Roche

    Sean Roche

    28 days ago

    Your Jordan 1 collection is 👍

  • Brad Hughes

    Brad Hughes

    28 days ago

    Ik making this comment only 7 mins in so idk if the problem is resolved. but chevy has been having a problem with their trans temp sensors going out for like the past 8 years. all the vehicles with the 8 speed trans for sure. and instead of having an externally accessed sensor like most vehicles, its build into the internal trans harness. so you have to drop the pan, drop the valve body, pull the whole harness and replace it. I was quoted $900 and some change to have it done on my silverado. this was after paying $650 for the fluid change to the new fluid to stop the TTC shudder ( the feeling like you're running over speed strips)

  • Travis Piercy

    Travis Piercy

    28 days ago

    You are the girl version of stradman the more videos of your I watch I swear you all are twins.

  • extinguisher_ek


    28 days ago

    power of 🐱

  • Joaquin Corzo

    Joaquin Corzo

    28 days ago

    God bless

  • gprime70


    28 days ago

    23:16 Spitting truth out here !!!

  • CS User

    CS User

    28 days ago

    Silly mechanics 😁😁
    #Emeliahartford did you forget that when you disconnect the battery, the alternator is still running

  • RMC7211


    28 days ago

    I know your young and beautiful and believe nothing will harm you but please, please, please protect your hearing when around all the loud cars. Much love❤️❤️❤️

  • Joshua Morcom

    Joshua Morcom

    28 days ago

    I thought this was pre covid because there were no masks. In South Africa, we will be arrested for not wearing a mask

  • Midwest Motorsports

    Midwest Motorsports

    28 days ago

    "Vision Board..." LOL! When you're a hot chick in front of a camera on YouTube it wasn't too difficult. Do NOT take this wrong - she's worked hard and done a lot, but let's put all the cards on the table and be realistic.

  • GreatWhite5er !

    GreatWhite5er !

    28 days ago

    I love when you have to say sorry everyone before you start your car then you know your car is at the perfect loudness hahahahaha

  • Robbie Anderson

    Robbie Anderson

    28 days ago

    All that shit. And the cars fine guys. 🤣😂. Sale that damn thing

  • Johann


    28 days ago

    The Ferrari 458 is still an amazing car, I'm sure you'll get one someday given your motivation!
    I bought a Ferrari F12 11 months ago and I'm so happy cause I worked really hard...
    Also, you're so right about having a vision board!

  • Nacho Croes

    Nacho Croes

    28 days ago


  • Emran Hossain

    Emran Hossain

    28 days ago

    How come a Girl promote a Ball trimming thing ? Did u used it Emelia?

  • Stev A

    Stev A

    28 days ago

    OMG, flaming...

  • Foxtrot 67

    Foxtrot 67

    29 days ago

    should of bought a Porsche

  • Tim M

    Tim M

    29 days ago

    Not knowing much about everything and just enough about some things… I don’t think you left your car shut down long enough for a capacitor on the printed circuit board to lose its charge. Am I close or so far away that I shouldn’t even be commenting 🤓

  • Stanley Masterson

    Stanley Masterson

    29 days ago

    It doesn't need a clutch. Just do a simple ECU reset and the problem will go away. Young people know nothing these days

  • LateKnight


    29 days ago

    website broken?

  • TAP001


    29 days ago

    Emelia, You do what you want to do! If you don't want to sell Phoenix, don't sell it!