First Drive - Twin Turbo C8 Corvette V2 New ECU and Clutches! Scary Fast...

Published on Feb 4, 2021
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What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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  • EmeliaHartford


    4 months ago

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥  Available only for the next 30 days

    • Mr.holywood


      4 months ago

      I don't get it Emelia????? Earlier in video you showed speedo w/speeding(we say your speedo go over 70mph)< Later in video you THEN SENOR your Speed????????????? Not really cool. I get it, yall don't want tickets DUH! I get it, but at the end of the day, CONTENT SUFFERS(aka, it hard for us to tell how powerful cars are if we never see the speedo).

    • Vinuya john

      Vinuya john

      4 months ago

      The tittle is eye-catching but the contents lacks something... Well just my opinion.

    • mrmadmike427


      4 months ago

      Did you get the race car driver job??? Still waiting ??

    • Ricardo Quezada

      Ricardo Quezada

      4 months ago


    • 8A Games

      8A Games

      4 months ago

      You are painfully awkward and nerdy

  • Boywonderr71


    2 months ago

    Always boost is my philosophy

  • Boywonderr71


    2 months ago

    Those Dics are sick!

  • Self Made Documentary

    Self Made Documentary

    3 months ago

    Wow that intro promo for clothing amazing 😻

  • Theemikebell


    3 months ago

    you keep asking should you supercharge her, YESSS

  • John Ortlip

    John Ortlip

    3 months ago

    First time, take her easy. If she's easy take her again. 😊

  • Raihan Rahman

    Raihan Rahman

    3 months ago

    Everyone is fighting a battle NO one knows, that is , Soooo !!! , "FUCKING" , true
    Well Done Emelia !!! , keep up the good work and take 💕

  • Harry Smith

    Harry Smith

    4 months ago


  • Dylancooke55


    4 months ago

    Envy needs a big ol Maggie on top of the motor

  • Christopher Boyd

    Christopher Boyd

    4 months ago

    so youre piggy backing the factory ecu with the holley and boost controller? how has no one cracked the factory ecu yet?

  • dani rodhot

    dani rodhot

    4 months ago

    I like skittles n redull diet..

  • Mark Geletzke

    Mark Geletzke

    4 months ago

    A little secret when pouring any liquid not limited to a pail of meth. Make sure pour spout is at the 12 o'clock position, this will allow the fluid to pour without splashing..
    P.S. nice build.

  • josh balding

    josh balding

    4 months ago

    Awesome channel girl! You are bad ass!!

  • datrumakboy1020


    4 months ago

    First video of this channel iv ever watched and wow the thirst in the comments is real

  • Fritz Fondona

    Fritz Fondona

    4 months ago

    The new, C8 Chubby, looks like a Ford GT wannabe.
    You'd think that GM would do a better job.

    • k c

      k c

      4 months ago

      The C8 doesn't compete with the GT

  • Rafael Rodrigues

    Rafael Rodrigues

    4 months ago

    That Vette is so Euro that I mistaken with a Lambo

  • Speed Therapy407

    Speed Therapy407

    4 months ago

    Great video!!!! The C8 is growing on me for sure though I still love my C6Z. Keep up the good work. I just subscribed. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Penetrated welding

    Penetrated welding

    4 months ago

    Legs and cars. A solid plan!

  • rjonzen34


    4 months ago

    Dayum, Dr. Martens for the old school win! 🤘🏼

  • Casey Chase

    Casey Chase

    4 months ago

    I just have to say that, "you are one BADASS bitch"! And I don't mean that in a bad way. First of all you're completely gorgeous and very attractive.... But what is even more gorgeous and sexy is your personality and love for cars and what you can do with your platform!! I love seeing you on the series "Sorted" as well!! It's awesome to see women who have an undeniable passion for cars etc!! You're awesome and beautiful especially when you're not wearing makeup and turning wrenches and putting in work!!

  • -Ive Been- Hack#D

    -Ive Been- Hack#D

    4 months ago

    That was boring

  • Justin Chey Hubb

    Justin Chey Hubb

    4 months ago

    How much money do you have rapped up in the build??

  • Johnny B. Good

    Johnny B. Good

    4 months ago

    Emelia gonna be looking 16 forever

  • مهران رادکیا

    مهران رادکیا

    4 months ago

    why all of these twin turbo car guys is so crazy and joke ?

  • Uncle Chud

    Uncle Chud

    4 months ago

    Brows don’t mstch

  • rock0nm8


    4 months ago

    Probably been answered in a previous video or comment, but why does she shift with her left hand across the wheel? Seems really awkward, does she have like tendon issues in her right hand or something?

  • Albatross Garage

    Albatross Garage

    4 months ago

    I think envy needs a wicked cam and to stay N/A. 3.5 or bigger straight pipes with x pipe. don't supercharge it. Please don't.

  • Gottboostt Bruhh

    Gottboostt Bruhh

    4 months ago


  • Cody Blackmer

    Cody Blackmer

    4 months ago

    She is such a sexy woman lol

  • john McKinney

    john McKinney

    4 months ago

    Nice docs. My wife has original chucks

  • Jim Gavin

    Jim Gavin

    4 months ago

    That intro proves once out of the garage, you clean up pretty well.

  • robert elwing

    robert elwing

    4 months ago

    Theres a cop oh no

  • 4speedfunk


    4 months ago

    Wow. THAT LOOKS AMAZING! (yes, some of us noticed).

  • Kai S

    Kai S

    4 months ago

    Oh, super cool cinematics for the intro for WLR !

  • jonathan gonzalez

    jonathan gonzalez

    4 months ago

    I’m confused 🤷‍♂️ so you don’t have a only fans ? , then which emelia did I just send $50 dollars too ?

  • Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson

    4 months ago

    You should get your own J2534 pass-through programmer... they can be bought for about $100 on Amazon and a two year ACDelco TDS sub is $40 for 2 years per vin. It is essentially the same system the dealers use and you can do your own transmission relearn as well as reprogram any module. As well as update the ECU to the latest firmware and calibration etc if you want to. ;)

  • No Bad Days Club

    No Bad Days Club

    4 months ago

    The intro/ad is so good! Well done!

  • Justin Mills

    Justin Mills

    4 months ago

    Shitting your pants every time you see a cop daily... Perfect!

  • j.ramirez


    4 months ago

    you may have to go on the hoonigan channel and race

  • YungTy


    4 months ago

    Love my C8 aswell 🙏🏽

  • Chainsaw FPV

    Chainsaw FPV

    4 months ago

    Did you get a new "director" (for lack of a better word)? Your format and camera shots were different then usual. I like it!

  • Eugene Candelaria

    Eugene Candelaria

    4 months ago

    Somewhere ....a GM engineer is in tears....

  • G. V.

    G. V.

    4 months ago

    When did you have your rhinoplasty? Nose looks very good and suits your face:)

  • Hesham Thabit

    Hesham Thabit

    4 months ago

    Awesome video as usual! Great stuff indeed ! Keep up the good work Emelia! Bye with love 😊👋🏼

  • Chris Collins

    Chris Collins

    4 months ago

    You done really well on the C8. The problem is it's not really a super car and after spending a lot of money on it to get there any one could just buy a good used super for the money. You done a great job in doing upgrades on the C8.

  • Go Hard Performance Figgous

    Go Hard Performance Figgous

    4 months ago

    Dope episode love the sound of turbos and the snap crackle pop of the exhaust

  • bpate 708

    bpate 708

    4 months ago

    I think EH is so damn hot! I think she isn't into guys but if she was id be first in line begging for a date.

  • bjohnson0678


    4 months ago

    Worst sounding TT kit known to man

  • Aaron C

    Aaron C

    4 months ago

    4 mins in still bs. Unsub

  • Ry Ry

    Ry Ry

    4 months ago

    A Beautiful Lady A Beautiful Car XX ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You

  • Devon Johnson

    Devon Johnson

    4 months ago

    Sounds sick

  • yuhHornerman


    4 months ago


  • matismf


    4 months ago

    So you're having Matt "Demo Ranch" Carricker come out from Texas? Whoo-Haa!!!

  • Geoff Infield

    Geoff Infield

    4 months ago

    Great video, such a huge moment - for me too, as a Kiwi. Go Dodson's Auto Parts!!! Don't let us down, Dodson's, I know where you live lol 🤣🤣🤣 (no really totally kidding - probably need to say that, cos there's some scary mofos on the interwebs lol)

  • MRBLACK947


    4 months ago

    So this is piggybacked? 2 sets of injectors type of deal?

  • Duane Heller

    Duane Heller

    4 months ago

    YES, I have always thought it needed a supercharger.

  • Mister Super Cool

    Mister Super Cool

    4 months ago

    Epic Aventador intro,I thought it was a music video and she was gonna start singing like dat.Then out of nowhere her friend jumped on her back and they started spinning around instead 👍

  • Asap Mimic

    Asap Mimic

    4 months ago

    Twin turbos on a vette and here I was thinking C8’s couldn’t be more dumb.

  • Steve Miller

    Steve Miller

    4 months ago

    I'm in love Mr $100 Challenge

  • Peter Cole

    Peter Cole

    4 months ago

    Can't wait to see it rip!!

  • skunkape72


    4 months ago

    Where is the Dyno video.?.??

  • Norm Carguy

    Norm Carguy

    4 months ago

    Sandy looks like that tv star Jeremy Renner check it out let me know

  • Dan Charron

    Dan Charron

    4 months ago

    Always a great lady, oh and Emilia too. LoL Gosh I love that vette. Girl you make that C8 look amazing. The orange livery look is hot.

  • Tyrese 18

    Tyrese 18

    4 months ago

    Tomorrow is the big drop

  • Double A

    Double A

    4 months ago

    You are beautiful

  • Nicholas Aguero

    Nicholas Aguero

    4 months ago

    I wanna see you race Tanner Fox is 1000HP Lambo

  • Kimball Scarr

    Kimball Scarr

    4 months ago

    Si seulement tu pouvais danser...
    tout le meilleur ... jeune fille pour toujours

  • JayrseyshoreGardner


    4 months ago

    Well dang.. That intro though..

  • John Riley

    John Riley

    4 months ago

    Oh snap. I live less than a block away from this repair shop. Lol. Love that c8!

  • Sp00k Nation

    Sp00k Nation

    4 months ago

    c8 sounds sick

  • Rando Calrissian

    Rando Calrissian

    4 months ago

    Ur intro blew my Socks off!!!😑💨💨❤

  • angle36977


    4 months ago

    Your so gorgeous

  • FUNKEgerman 3.0

    FUNKEgerman 3.0

    4 months ago

    Do a centrifugal compressor on envy

  • Dayshawn Sanders

    Dayshawn Sanders

    4 months ago

    Best C8 content HANDS DOWN!! 💯💯💯

  • Henk V Harten

    Henk V Harten

    4 months ago

    I've seen a few of your videos, but I can hardly understand what you are doing. What is your intention with the car, what is your goal. A short introduction at the beginning of your videos, make it so much easier to understand. And your camera, is it mounted inside a baseball? The scenes fly over the screen, very restless way of filming, but who am I?
    But on the other hand, I like woman who can wrench.

  • Enlightened Idiot

    Enlightened Idiot

    4 months ago

    It's funny that you said you're not a car person unless you stay where you can see your vehicle. I race off-road motorcycles, and we always stay somewhere that we can see our motorcycles from the room. Just peace of mind. Mad respect. Love the TT C8 :-)

  • Enlightened Idiot

    Enlightened Idiot

    4 months ago

    Where's the dyno pull? We want to see it :-)

  • NFG


    4 months ago

    Emelia reminds me of Brittney Hayes from “unleash the archers”. Watch the “tonight we ride” video and let me know if need my vision checked lol I think they look like sisters at least

  • the Gonz

    the Gonz

    4 months ago

    You deserve all your succucsess of your channel,being positive seems to be a huge part of it.Take care be safe.

  • K T

    K T

    4 months ago

    What’s with the hand placement at 10:26?

  • César Martins

    César Martins

    4 months ago

    Emilia vc follows the work of Fueltech, see their C8 project the proponent is Anderson Dick ... He's from Atlanta.

  • driojal


    4 months ago

    Dr Tune-em -all?

    • JayrseyshoreGardner


      4 months ago

      Lol.. No.. he ain't from Texas

  • Dan Hudson

    Dan Hudson

    4 months ago

    Loved the intro. Looked great!

  • MMX2


    4 months ago

    Why do you hold the steering wheel like that, not good to control if the back end steps out hmm



    4 months ago

    “I don’t have an OF”
    Me : dam

  • Jay Dawg

    Jay Dawg

    4 months ago

    Yes it did Sound very Good in the Tunnel. 👍🔊🎵 And too Bad that Cop had to show up and ruin everything.....crazy Sean made me think of Ricky Bobby...."The car...handled good☝️ responded the way i figured....👉

  • Zoe Mia

    Zoe Mia

    4 months ago

    I feel like all this modding on the C8 I'm just waiting for this car to randomly blowup and stop working.
    Reliability rating 1/10.... anxiety/excitement rating 10/10 lol

  • Disruptedable


    4 months ago

    Video: "Raid Shadow Legends"
    Me: Video. Go. Skip.

  • Josh JT56777

    Josh JT56777

    4 months ago

    Yes run a pro charger on envy

  • Danny Hill

    Danny Hill

    4 months ago

    I would love to go to track day with you some time in the future

  • Victor Florez

    Victor Florez

    4 months ago

    I'm guessing turner coming from Texas is Sam Miller

  • Andy Walravens

    Andy Walravens

    4 months ago

    Skip the ads from 3:30 to 5:12
    No thanks needed

  • Douglas Fehler

    Douglas Fehler

    4 months ago

    Just me again you know once your vette is done your super car whatever
    You buy will seam tame so why waste the money buy anouther vette and super charge it the you will have two super cars one turbo and one supercharged va room va room.

  • Timothy Savage

    Timothy Savage

    4 months ago

    I just found true love

  • Benjamin Bertucci

    Benjamin Bertucci

    4 months ago

    You're awesome!!!

  • Michael O'keeffe

    Michael O'keeffe

    4 months ago

    We wish you had an Only fans

  • الأستاذ ثائر النمورة

    الأستاذ ثائر النمورة

    4 months ago


  • الأستاذ ثائر النمورة

    الأستاذ ثائر النمورة

    4 months ago


  • Alan 444

    Alan 444

    4 months ago

    The C8 sounds awesome, can't wait to see what you put down on the dyno. Always great content Emelia always.

  • Marcelo Esquivel

    Marcelo Esquivel

    4 months ago

    Imagine her getting into trucks😩😍