FIRST START On Standalone ECU For My Twin Turbo C8 Corvette... (holy s**t)

Published on Jan 29, 2021
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$4000 is including the harness. This car has changed SO much. Can't wait to drive!!

Thanks again to my amazing partners who are helping making Phoenix even more of a beast!

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What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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  • EmeliaHartford


    4 months ago

    Try World of Warships now! Register here: and activate the BOOM code and get cool benefits: 200 doubloons, 2 ships: St. Louis and Premium ship Emden, 20x Restless Fire Camouflage, 2,5 million credits and 7 Days of Premium

    • Boywonderr71


      2 months ago

      EH, glad u got her running again. Saw your race with the EV Porsche. You're killing it.

    • Boywonderr71


      2 months ago

      @futte2303 #shquad yes

    • Boywonderr71


      2 months ago

      Emilia, you know your the perfect woman right? Amazing mechanical skills & gorgeous! Wish my wife was more like you, but she is amazing in her own ways. Keep greasy girl

    • J S

      J S

      4 months ago

      Is there a drag strip day video coming? All this build and no seeing what it can do?!

    • Vinuya john

      Vinuya john

      4 months ago

      Your videos are good but lacking with the content , why your not showing as the process i got bored just listening noise. Well just my opinion keep it up😉

  • Jason Blankenship

    Jason Blankenship

    3 months ago


  • Harry Smith

    Harry Smith

    3 months ago


  • Ken Grills

    Ken Grills

    4 months ago

    Starting to be like watching a commercial

  • Justin T

    Justin T

    4 months ago

    Damn she just sunk my battleship.... she’s too cute I wanna jump in the back of that vette with her🥰

  • justin jones

    justin jones

    4 months ago

    Ceramic coated headers would help a ton

  • 楊翔遴


    4 months ago

    Will the hoodie be restocked? Currently sold out

  • ragtop63


    4 months ago

    SoCal hits 50°F and everyone is dying 🤣

  • anonymousbrown


    4 months ago

    2 mins. of ads? From you personally? And then World of Warships? On top of YouTube? LOL! I think not!

  • Uriel Rojas

    Uriel Rojas

    4 months ago

    Stupid video!!

  • Larry Nelson

    Larry Nelson

    4 months ago

    Way less info way more comercials so she can get a new car I'm out

  • Ben Lom

    Ben Lom

    4 months ago

    Lifting a $100k car on a $2500 junk chinese lift🙄

  • Tincuppassracing


    4 months ago

    Put a trail hitch on Phoenix and pull my YZ around. JJ 😜

  • Crossed Rifles

    Crossed Rifles

    4 months ago

    Came to see a car but couldn’t make it 2 minutes in. This girl’s annoying as shit. No way could I be around her. I’ll pass.

  • Douglas Ferguson

    Douglas Ferguson

    4 months ago


  • Enlightened Idiot

    Enlightened Idiot

    4 months ago

    770 wheel...12 psi.

  • Obsidian


    4 months ago

    The first 5 minutes is Merch/Partnership/Advertisement and Sponsorship reads... Pretty gross 🤢

  • Ricardo Vargas

    Ricardo Vargas

    4 months ago

    Boosted buy like it to

  • Ricardo Vargas

    Ricardo Vargas

    4 months ago

    An u know it love .

  • Richard


    4 months ago

    With love you are hot

  • YVMZ


    4 months ago

    Im stoked for the merch

  • DeeperImage Automotive

    DeeperImage Automotive

    4 months ago

    I can't wait to see that 1000RWHP beast!!! Thank you for continuing help further the platform. Too many channels bought and sold their C8s too quickly!

  • Muneeb Abrahams

    Muneeb Abrahams

    4 months ago

    Hi Emelia your car is going to be a monster on the road just be looking at the engine without the back bumper the engines looks fierce can't wait to see it perform on the road.

  • alexander singleton

    alexander singleton

    4 months ago

    Update on lambo team?



    4 months ago

    TEXAS SPEED All the way. Chevrolet upgrades done RIGHT. Can't wait to drop in a TexasSpeed cam in my Sierra. Just can't figure out what rods, lifters n rockers to get. Help me out EmeliaHartchev

  • Joe Black

    Joe Black

    4 months ago

    Pro speed in Houston has a motec ecu working on a c8

  • MRBLACK947


    4 months ago

    I'm more excited to see if the transmission is going to hold up even over the excitement of the Holley ECU!

  • Anthony N

    Anthony N

    4 months ago

    I want one of those black hoodies!

  • callum fyfield

    callum fyfield

    4 months ago

    Where’s the subie 😩😩😩😩

  • Leigh Petersen

    Leigh Petersen

    4 months ago

    I just wanna thank you for building my dream car. Once you get it running right you can just go ahead and send it on home to me. Hahahahahhahaha. You and sandy are frikin awesome.

  • Heatshield Products Inc

    Heatshield Products Inc

    4 months ago

    Congrats on the first start!

  • mopartshemi


    4 months ago


  • Roy Torres Jr

    Roy Torres Jr

    4 months ago

    You are so gorgeous and fine it’s so hot hearing a female that knows her stuff 😋😋😍😍😍❤️❤️🌹

  • HFP Edition

    HFP Edition

    4 months ago

    Luar Biasa... 👍

  • Preston Büsing

    Preston Büsing

    4 months ago

    lmao 😂

  • Dominick Mcnulty

    Dominick Mcnulty

    4 months ago

    Everyone has to see how we have some fun after a hard days work like you, so go check out Grom_Squach channel to you might likely it just as much as you did this one I know I did be safe everyone.

  • Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen

    4 months ago

    Nice build

  • No Bad Days Club

    No Bad Days Club

    4 months ago

    The new apparel is looking awesome!

  • Chad H

    Chad H

    4 months ago

    Does the computer also control the DCT trans?

  • evolution2001


    4 months ago

    08:17 "Cut three times; Measure once." In other words, "If it's still too short after the third cut, yer doin' it wrong!"
    16:30 "And that supercar, I'm still getting it." Congrats! You're gonna buy a "supercar" that costs more than Phoenix (IIRC) and will likely have less performance. LOL!

  • Driven by Boost

    Driven by Boost

    4 months ago

    The dedication to this build is unparalleled to any car build on youtube right now. Beyond excited for this!

  • Platiccup


    4 months ago

    The ecu 2x the price my car

  • Addy Revolution

    Addy Revolution

    4 months ago

    Great job! ⚘

  • Trevor Brooks

    Trevor Brooks

    4 months ago

    @Emeliahartford ill do yalls wireing if you'd like me to

  • James Hymel

    James Hymel

    4 months ago

    why no cam?

    • EmeliaHartford


      4 months ago

      Tuning is still limited so we are taking it one variable at a time.

  • DJ Dynorgen

    DJ Dynorgen

    4 months ago

    Street hunter widebody

  • James B

    James B

    4 months ago

    I have never bought youtuber merch and I am for sure buying these

  • Chad Washburn

    Chad Washburn

    4 months ago

    To much like a product info commercial.

  • Bryant Moravek

    Bryant Moravek

    4 months ago

    Any updates on expenses related to this project?

  • Charles Leymarie

    Charles Leymarie

    4 months ago

    Hi i love your videos and follow you always but i havé to admit that i hâte the C8 Corvette. So many other cars that you could modify and attract way more followers with! I know you spent so Much money on this lemon already but think about it. Byiii

  • bos200409


    4 months ago

    Asian script...overplayed

  • John Jones

    John Jones

    4 months ago

    When are u going to surf the powder again????

  • Marcelo Silva

    Marcelo Silva

    4 months ago

    you should definitely talk to the guys from @fueltech ... they have a TT C8 with aftermarket ECU.

    • Marcelo Silva

      Marcelo Silva

      4 months ago

  • Greenmonkey552


    4 months ago

    Video starts at 6:00. You're welcome

  • John Perales

    John Perales

    4 months ago

    how do you continue to find more and more guys who have no idea when they are doing ..and then allow them to work on your Corvette? ...any sane person would have dumped your 'e-crew' after they blew up your motor..6 months ago ..yet you kept them on even after they caught the thing on fire..what other damage are you going to allow them to inflict before you get rid those yahoos? .....I guess I am not shocked that you still continue to bring on more guys who have no idea what they are doing .....did you see that ugly .@$$ box that 'new guy' built ....REALLY?

  • ro63rto


    4 months ago

    Can we have a native Japanese speaker confirm what it says on the sleeve cos Google translate is not reading what you said 😁
    Comes up with
    'I F#@£ing Comete' 🤔🤔🤔

  • Luis Carrion

    Luis Carrion

    4 months ago

    You look like my mom when young, her name is Emilia

  • Dallas Thierauf

    Dallas Thierauf

    4 months ago

    but first.... let me waste the first 5 minutes of every one of my videos.... and now to the content.

  • keith marquardt

    keith marquardt

    4 months ago

    It's so cold LOL! It's -8 in Vermont! LOL

  • pereira A

    pereira A

    4 months ago

    Gosto de acompanhante esse projeto 🇧🇷

  • Rich H

    Rich H

    4 months ago

    Ad rev $$$$$

  • Daniel Lynn

    Daniel Lynn

    4 months ago

    That's the hard work and dedication I wish I had congratulations on everything you've accomplished

  • Joyan Ropen

    Joyan Ropen

    4 months ago

    The vette is boring, it should be all about the Prius

  • hanna elfar

    hanna elfar

    4 months ago

    How about some track or dino test? Thx

  • lewis ridyard

    lewis ridyard

    4 months ago

    I think your the only youtuber that hs kept their c8

  • Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez

    4 months ago

    TJ needs this

  • DNY Motorsports

    DNY Motorsports

    4 months ago

    Love love love the new merch! Congratulations and may good fortune and success continue to come your way. Much love from Baltimore Maryland.

  • Tim Byrne

    Tim Byrne

    4 months ago

    Based on how excited she was about that skidplate and all the bolts, I think it's safe to assume she hasn't been underneath that many cars😂 love the video tho keep em comin cars and women are always a great mix😂

  • Nate M

    Nate M

    4 months ago

    It's amazing how much she has done and owns at a young age, it's honestly depressing

  • Shawn Taylor

    Shawn Taylor

    4 months ago

    Anyone else notice when she was describing the shirts that she said that Dictionary font was on the right chest, with love racing on the left!!! Also going to put the blue checkmark on her MacBook. But then does he sponsor video sitting in front of an Asus computer.

  • Kenneth Sheriff

    Kenneth Sheriff

    4 months ago

    I could use a new work truck?
    Do something for your flowers?
    Give me a had sister..
    Aloha from Kauai.

  • eric.m


    4 months ago

    Damn dude the whole video was an ad

  • Troylee Xxx

    Troylee Xxx

    4 months ago

    Thomas "I stole Tesla's fame and got Tesla terminated " Edison

  • Les Morris

    Les Morris

    4 months ago

    WoW so cool. :-)

  • B00steDevil


    4 months ago

    I also unplugged the MAF on my moms 350z to go speed density. Will I get no oil pressure too ?

  • Blank Name

    Blank Name

    4 months ago

    Rich girl refuses to have kids society implodes no more cars for you!

  • savethemanual


    4 months ago

    You just bought the house😥

  • Trial N' ERROR

    Trial N' ERROR

    4 months ago

    3:04 I can back this up, she tried my channel.

  • Sam Wolf69

    Sam Wolf69

    4 months ago

    Funny how she wanted a supercar when her c8 vette pretty much is one

  • Geraldo Reyes

    Geraldo Reyes

    4 months ago

    Yo Emelia, you’s is so badass

  • After Palos

    After Palos

    4 months ago

    Hey guys its coming I can't wait for upload lol
    NEW channel plz SUB
    First 1k

  • Josh Bradshaw

    Josh Bradshaw

    4 months ago

    What is the music that plays at 15:43 @Emilia Hartford?

  • 303pools


    4 months ago

    Love it! It’s not how are you Fall, it’s how you get back up!
    people are awesome

  • secretsquirrel726


    4 months ago

    3:34 Oh ohh...

    • secretsquirrel726


      4 months ago

      8:15 This build is getting Ferrari disease, by putting too many things too close to one another and getting them hot. This seems to be avoiding another fire for every extra 10 hp.

  • MzRtS12


    4 months ago

    "I have not failed, I have 10,000 people I can steal from" 😂

  • Oscar Amaya

    Oscar Amaya

    4 months ago


  • Gert Vermeulen

    Gert Vermeulen

    4 months ago

    This is what I'm talking about! So glad this finally happened.

  • Calvin H.

    Calvin H.

    4 months ago

    Awesome to see all the parts you're adding, but seeing you install those new valve springs was one thing I was sitting here hoping you were going to do.

  • Paul Nellany

    Paul Nellany

    4 months ago

    So this was a huge merchant and software game commercial
    Are you ever getting back to content?

  • NWSanta


    4 months ago

    The Smile on your face is so priceless! You guys are having so much fun! So great!! Well done you guys!

  • Tom Boyers

    Tom Boyers

    4 months ago

    You Go Girl, you make Dads of daughters proud.

  • Tr Rabon

    Tr Rabon

    4 months ago

    Chevy has succeeded in making its extremely hard and cost prohibitive to do much to the C8. Yea it can be done, but wow what a task. Hopefully a less invasive method is created eventually.

  • Flux Labs

    Flux Labs

    4 months ago

    She sounds SO good! 🤩



    4 months ago

    The whole hair hat hoodie combo weirds me out. Lol.

  • t rob

    t rob

    4 months ago

    have missed the vlogs you and your crew

  • Steve Sloan

    Steve Sloan

    4 months ago

    I like the eight minute mark... girl hair.... not “Doll hairs”😂😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Rawnsley

    Jonathan Rawnsley

    4 months ago

    You spent over 6 minutes selling stuff and pushing sponsors.... love the channel but this was lame and on the verge of completely selling out

  • dabmotha


    4 months ago

    I'm lost here MAF measures air I don't understand how or why it would be tied to oil pressure. Also wouldn't wrapping the intercool raise air temps making it harder to dissipate the heat?

  • Ry Ry

    Ry Ry

    4 months ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You

  • martinwarner13


    4 months ago

    Love the holley news. Not a fan of the style of filming though, it's a vlog let's not lose track of that 😁🤘