I've Secretly Been Rebuilding My Grandma's GBody into a 1500HP DRAG MONSTER...Meet The GRIM REGAL...

Published on Apr 15, 2021
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Mimi 2.0 aka the GRIM REGAL INCOMING!

Be kind, Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. ♥


What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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    Aishiteru Daisuki

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  • Akino Haruna

    Akino Haruna

    11 days ago
    Youtube: This is fine
    Someone: Says "heck"
    Youtube: BE GONE
    однако я люблю таких рыбаков

  • James’s Animals

    James’s Animals

    12 days ago

    Love your video’s, your cars are beautiful!!!

  • Mark Wilberts

    Mark Wilberts

    21 day ago

    Thanks and be save💝

  • Timothy Angelosanto

    Timothy Angelosanto

    23 days ago

    Dan the man

  • Justin Sherrill

    Justin Sherrill

    23 days ago

    Go half under and half out of the hood!!!

  • Nathan Specker

    Nathan Specker

    25 days ago

    At time 16:27, this is why we can't have nice things....lol

  • Elvis Depressedly

    Elvis Depressedly

    Month ago

    here for the Danger Dan content

  • Tom Z

    Tom Z

    Month ago

    Excellent work Emelia !!!! You mean so much to the car community, keep it up !!!!

  • Allen Messmer

    Allen Messmer

    Month ago

    Hang in there girlfriend and stay strong things get tough for everybody everybody's problems are big problems to them no one should be judging anybody. You always have good positive message I like it

  • Jill Munro

    Jill Munro

    Month ago

    Came over after seeing you on the B is for Build video. Love of cars and passion for good mental health, a team that clearly loves working together. Super happy to be a new sub.

  • TheCulinarian


    Month ago

    Impossible to describe how excellent this channel is. Female Cleetus. 😂 Not that Girls need to be compared to guys... 😉 Mental health is such an important issue, and it’s finally starting to get the attention for the public health crisis that it is. Suicide is up across the board, and social anxiety is compounded by COVID.

  • MLGx Thrasher

    MLGx Thrasher

    Month ago

    Feels, I love the content and your personality. Keep fighting through what ever you are going through because in the end the people who struggle and fight the hardest to climb their way up will prosper more in the end. They gain more knowledge and strength than someone who has never had to fight those fights.
    Never look at negative events that happen in your life as a bad thing, just look at it as though it was something you needed to experience and learn from but its up to you to learn from it and embrace it or change it and I mean ONLY YOU!! god speed in life Emelia.

  • 20b3rotordream


    Month ago

    Honestly the out the hood thing is so overplayed...badass built though.

  • Sam Saldana

    Sam Saldana

    Month ago

    You just get prettier every time you make a new video.

  • Nice Slicers

    Nice Slicers

    Month ago

    I have suffered with my mental health for over 20yrs now, it's nice to see the younger generation promote awareness.

  • Austin Winkle

    Austin Winkle

    Month ago

    Emelia your videos are great keep up the good work beautiful. 💓

  • Matt Szalay

    Matt Szalay

    Month ago

    Amelia has the biggest heart on YouTube and is so humble and not afraid to show the real Amelia

  • Benjamin Riemersma

    Benjamin Riemersma

    Month ago

    I have VFN lift off front end for my monte carlo ss, awesome parts 😎

  • young11984


    Month ago

    I will NEVER run a hood exit exhaust mainly because if a turbo or engine lets go anything exiting the pipe will be in your face/windshield and if running 120mph that can get ugly trying to drive with oil covered windshield.
    Props on the flat black spray bomb paint, doesnt show hand prints as much as gloss does. Love the new name “The Grim Regal” also

  • Bob Texan

    Bob Texan

    Month ago

    omg... Harbor Freight?? lololol...

  • John martinez

    John martinez

    Month ago

    Thanks for that ending I been going through some thing and that made me feel like you said everyone going through some thing really thank you for sharing that

  • John martinez

    John martinez

    Month ago

    Turbos out the hood

  • El junior De guerrero

    El junior De guerrero

    Month ago

    Hy Emelia I am parting out a 2009 ZR1Corvette if you or Dave or Alex are interested in sacramento ca.

  • Mark Fiedler

    Mark Fiedler

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  • Mark Fiedler

    Mark Fiedler

    Month ago

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  • Macddesign Review-make-and-fun

    Macddesign Review-make-and-fun

    Month ago

    You really should tuck the turbos under that hood.

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    steve kissel

    Month ago

    Info commercial

  • Kyle Armstrong

    Kyle Armstrong

    Month ago

    Turbos out the hood! thank you for speaking about mental health.

  • Walter E. Mellin

    Walter E. Mellin

    Month ago

    Bless you both being an advocate for mental health. I hope that younger people don't have to suffer through life as I have. I'm 59, and just found out a year ago that I suffer from anxiety and depression, I don't have any any support but learning how to better deal with it. The best of luck to you with all of your endeavors. I hope that you have a long and healthy life

  • Ksiss 86

    Ksiss 86

    Month ago

    Ben fighting this battle myself...its something some people honestly wont ever know the pain of and the levels of severity it gets to very rapidly...its def not "a choice" we make, it's a disease...if anyone ever needs to reach out feel free to @ me, just venting to someone whose not guna judge you might help..."with love" - Kevin

  • Жизнь свиновода и мясника

    Жизнь свиновода и мясника

    Month ago


  • Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell

    Month ago

    Just found you! And that outro tho.. Proudly subbed, with love

  • Brett Rickert

    Brett Rickert

    Month ago

    Would look into rpm transmissions there transmissions are known to hold well over 1500 hp

  • damien jones

    damien jones

    Month ago

    First car was an 82 cutlass, making me miss my grey ghost. G body for life ❤️

  • Karrijarrah


    Month ago

    Love your honesty!



    Month ago

    Lays cowl hood on car “should we make it a sleeper” like what

  • Dasgehtd Ichnichtsan

    Dasgehtd Ichnichtsan

    Month ago

    Turbos UNDER the hood!!!!

  • Brent Chuck

    Brent Chuck

    Month ago

    Sleeeper!! The hood exhaust is overdone.

  • Jimmy Jones

    Jimmy Jones

    Month ago

    Truth. Transparency is like grassroots. That is where the knowledge and understanding of anything good or bad starts. With us, the people. Being transparent on matters of the heart so that we all know we all are in this. Together. Much respect.

  • Baller


    Month ago

    I hope its caged and safety ready, so it will be allowed to go faster than a 9 second pass.
    Don't get kicked out for being too fast without any safety stuff, that would kinda suck...

  • John Barca

    John Barca

    Month ago

    After seeing the wind tunnel video Cleetus' Leroy aero is very important and I think you should keep the turbos tucked in as best as possible. Can't wait for LS Fest!

  • Tyrin BertTM

    Tyrin BertTM

    Month ago

    She sounds like chad 😂

  • Adam Peters

    Adam Peters

    Month ago

    For YEARS!!! I've seen multiple Harbor Freight Stores saying "Going out of Business" yet they have never closed... I am growing suspicion.

  • Evilempire1131


    Month ago

    You should hide the turbos and put the exhaust out the hood



    Month ago

    she's hiring people to do all her builds now



    Month ago

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  • spedward860


    Month ago

    Love that heart to heart at the end sometimes it's not so easy to talk about what's going on especially being a guy.

  • Kevin Gunn

    Kevin Gunn

    Month ago

    Came from hoonigan the Corvette was sick God bless and best of luck!

  • Brent Ward

    Brent Ward

    Month ago

    18 years now, I've been dealing with severe anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Nobody knows what its really like unless they experience it first hand. Thank you for speaking up about mental health because many, including me, have no support to turn to and its good to know we aren't alone. I game, work on my cars, and build computers to try and stay leveled so this channel is perfect for me to sit back, chill, and watch.

  • Christopher Tromell

    Christopher Tromell

    Month ago

    I am going to miss the name I gave grams Regal (maddmimi) but the grimm regal is cool too, thank you Emelia for the inspiring content, God bless you my friend and always keep your head up .. 😊

  • Dan Foster

    Dan Foster

    Month ago

    awesome build can't wait until it's done. I'm a racer myself. I drove circle track dirt cars and late model pavement cars. Because of my depression and PTSD I had to quit the circle track stuff after 35 years, I'm built a 1985 S10 with a small block chevy. The motor has a light weight aftermarket steel crank with 6" Oliver rods, J&E ceramic coated pistons with a Comp roller cam and Brodex Heads. A B&M streetfighter trans and a 9" Ford floater rear-end. It's been lowered to a 3 4 drop with starlight wheels. This Emelia is how I deal with my mental health. I have a lot of days I can't get out of bed and I worry about how long I can go like this. Hold your head up wrap yourself in something you love, keep busy it does help. Love Dan

  • J Hodge

    J Hodge

    Month ago

    Go sleeper!

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  • J Hodge

    J Hodge

    Month ago

    I love the way you light up doing what you love. Keep going after your dreams, great stuff!

  • Derangd 333

    Derangd 333

    Month ago

    Thx for sharing. Most people do think that you tubers have the best days but you are all like everybody else we all have stuff we go through.

  • Gabriel Cortez

    Gabriel Cortez

    Month ago

    Cant wait to see this done. Been waiting a min

  • PcItalian


    Month ago

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    T1bud 42

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    David Allen

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  • David Allen

    David Allen

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    U have a fake on Facebook trying to give stuff away I don’t believe it your Facebook. But I may be wrong

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    Cherry Berry

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    Jeffrey Whitlatch

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    Zero Video’s

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    Alex Dominguez

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    Andrew 1981mazda

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    Bill Hirst

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    Ivan Lazarus

    Month ago

    The Grimm Regal..I like it..

  • Tim


    2 months ago

    Please Give Gramma an automatic Trans! She'll love you so much more with better times! Show her some love, just saying :)

  • Thomas Tennison

    Thomas Tennison

    2 months ago

    Awesome to see one of these reborn. I graduated HS with a brand new 1987 Grand National.

  • Alexander Nelson

    Alexander Nelson

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  • The Savages Of Deletion

    The Savages Of Deletion

    2 months ago

    Let's all say toghter................... " With love"

  • Euro Shane

    Euro Shane

    2 months ago

    Came for the car content subbed for the mental health awareness you share on your platform!! Thats super cool to share that with us cuz it is really easy to watch everyones channels and forget that everyone struggles too no matter how awesome their life looks on video! Mad respect for sharing on the subject!! Thank you!!

  • Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas

    2 months ago

    I get it, I'm bipolar and have severe anxiety 😔

  • John Sam jr

    John Sam jr

    2 months ago

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    Morgan Jennings

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  • George Heim

    George Heim

    2 months ago

    I would prime and paint that area in the back of the car. Would protect it? Up to you sweetheart ⚘

  • Terrell Royal

    Terrell Royal

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    Karl Baptiste

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    nice ride and thanks for the heart to heart

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  • DAVE KNOTT (The Wisconsin Story CBD)

    DAVE KNOTT (The Wisconsin Story CBD)

    2 months ago

    Love the build. Love your mission. People love you for the content, which also is the mental health PSA. Jokingly but serious you'll be the next Bob Barker for "mental health" (opposed to animal reproductive health ha)

  • Eugene Nyiko Mahlawole

    Eugene Nyiko Mahlawole

    2 months ago

    With love 🇿🇦

  • Luis Gomez

    Luis Gomez

    2 months ago

    Hey Emelia, I think it's awesome that your honest about your struggles and want to help others as well. We all have a God sized hole that only he can fill. Jesus is the Way The Truth and The Life.

  • Peter Ball

    Peter Ball

    2 months ago

    Sleeper it turbo under hood!!

  • Chris Hands

    Chris Hands

    2 months ago

    I love your honesty Emelia, and your not alone girl. keep doing what your doing and we are all here for you xo

  • Jean-Marc Feldman

    Jean-Marc Feldman

    2 months ago

    Thank you Emilia. You are right, mental health is important and is ignored too much. Hopefully the G Body proves them all wrong.

  • Neo 2JZ-GTE

    Neo 2JZ-GTE

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    shouldn't call it the grim regal, but the regal reaper (cuz it is going to reap the other cars on the dragstrip)

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    Princell van louie

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    Noobs Off-Road

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    Steven Wechter

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    Chuck Whitson

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    Introduce us to the man in your life so we can quit lusting..... thanks

  • evolution2001


    2 months ago

    Sponsored by Harbor Freight! HA! I called that shit out in one of your videos a few months ago! Harbor Freight is the Dollar Store for mechanics. Love that place!
    As for turbos through the hood or sleeper... No one is going to mistake it for anything other than a drag car. So if ya want the turbos out the hood, have the turbos out the hood!

  • Dr650rob


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