Rebuilding A Badly Wrecked Lamborghini Race Car Part 1

Published on May 30, 2021
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Today we tear into the wrecked Lamborghini race car! We put the body back together, Fuel Cell gets installed and we fly to Texas to see a NASCAR and Lamborghini Race thanks to my awesome friends at Autotempest and pick up parts from the Lamborghini Squadra Corse Factory Team themselves!



What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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  • David P Edwards III

    David P Edwards III

    10 hours ago

    In my Italian voice “Lamborghini parts cannot be bought at a .............Advance Autoparts”🙄

  • Addictive Rain

    Addictive Rain

    2 days ago

    In the future i could see you and TJ inlove Together!!!...TJ dump Sambrina now!!!

  • DrZebra


    6 days ago

    Imagine how hard it is working in that environment where you have a coworker that you want to bank constantly.

  • Robert Shields

    Robert Shields

    7 days ago

    Man, congrats on all you have accomplished is such a short time frame. Love watching your stuff. Wish I could find a way into that world some day.

  • Spaceface gaming

    Spaceface gaming

    9 days ago

    Thats actually a sick 240sx and the hurrican cant wait to see it get build 👍

  • MrRubbish05


    10 days ago

    Damn I remember watching her first vid on her zenki s14, now building lambos 😎

  • Ethan Kennedy

    Ethan Kennedy

    10 days ago

    what happen to last video



    12 days ago

    Has the same coolant reservoir as my mk4 gli!😲

  • lawrence covelli

    lawrence covelli

    12 days ago

    Foam has been used in fuel cells for a long time.

  • Mike H

    Mike H

    12 days ago

    Damn Emi you look hot in that hat.

  • keith enright

    keith enright

    12 days ago

    Amelia is definitely baked at the end of the video.😁😁😁😁



    13 days ago

    You should redo the brainwash livery for old time sakes and take a picture like the one you took years ago

  • Chillee


    13 days ago

    Love the name Truffle Butter 👌

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    Motion VIP

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    Fornite playz ́

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    Phillip B

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  • Shane Sischo

    Shane Sischo

    13 days ago

    That is one bad ass lambo.

  • Thomas Lange

    Thomas Lange

    14 days ago

    Next video: I wrecked my lambo 😀 (that I built a week ago)

  • John Resendiz

    John Resendiz

    14 days ago

    I’m super excited to think I could be cheering you on soon. Dream big!!

  • NickBrox


    14 days ago

    Most modern fuel cells have the option of foam inserts. Was just looking at Radium, and fuel safe, and they have the same foam. Race cars always remind me of helicopters or airplanes. A lot of the same tech.

  • Holzwurm _HD

    Holzwurm _HD

    14 days ago

    Please more Videos of the Toyota.

  • Spc Hopkins

    Spc Hopkins

    14 days ago

    Found u a day or so ago and been watching ur vids none stop amazing content love ur passion n now I want to put an ls in my 95 serria k1500 instead of a 383

  • BillyBean 89

    BillyBean 89

    14 days ago

    Really would love for you to paint your lambo to match the C8 would look sick

  • Sam Denton

    Sam Denton

    14 days ago

    Have you designed your paint job yet?

  • Dumpster Marcus

    Dumpster Marcus

    14 days ago

    Awesome!!! 🤙🤙

  • David Adamson

    David Adamson

    15 days ago

    The FORD GT is very exotic in itself!!!! Go for it....gullwing doors & full on Speed

  • David Adamson

    David Adamson

    15 days ago

    Emelia I hope in your quest for another super car that you consider keeping it Made In The USA &will also consider the FORD GT & have the best the USA provides... Not only that you'd make Sandy one happy man yhat you gave FORD a chance

  • Ryan Sirko

    Ryan Sirko

    15 days ago

    That foam shit disintegrates when you use e 85 or methanol.

  • BATMAN 1984

    BATMAN 1984

    15 days ago

    Petition for 1000 Mopar power plant

    • BATMAN 1984

      BATMAN 1984

      15 days ago

      Maybe not so much power but it is a pre built plug and play

  • Money Ninja

    Money Ninja

    15 days ago

    The Bonnet seriously? And how did you get Travis Pastrana's car? That makes it that much cooler. You rock beautiful lady. Byeeee

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    Oneway Cal

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    Parth Kelkar

    15 days ago

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    She got them guts bruv

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    Tony Stark

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    Pat Bai

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    Jean-Marc Feldman

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    Jean-Marc Feldman

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    Tuna No Crust

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    Jay Mainey

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    15 days ago

    So... You built a Race Car that is a Race Car off of a Race Car. So a Lego Kit Lambo Racecar, which (no offense) you have no business driving compared to the competition. Oh my god do I not care about this, just like all those track driving channels on YouTube that no one watches... Because there is no action, and on top of that you are slow on track. Just because the car basically has a Liberty Walk Body kit doesn't mean anyone is going to watch this, myself included. Now make that C8 run 8's!!!

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    nightcrawler c

    15 days ago

    Let's Go! 🤘🏼🚀

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    Come along Tv

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    Mark Fullerton

    16 days ago

    Damn!! Seeing your excitement gives me goosebumps and makes me miss racing when I was younger!!

  • Groupwar NA

    Groupwar NA

    16 days ago

    Video title : Rebuilding A Lamborghini
    Video length : 14 min.
    Actual Lamborghini rebuilding time in video : 2 min.
    Emelia talking : 12 min.

  • spedward860


    16 days ago

    man I would marry the hell out of her lol talk about a badass chick

  • Greimr XIII

    Greimr XIII

    16 days ago

    Got to touch the Lamborghini Gallardo race car at the PRI show in Orlando in 2008.

  • Greimr XIII

    Greimr XIII

    16 days ago

    Gonna go out with the friends and hang out at the track......
    Truck(only vehicle) is down... Yeah my first LS build.... Yay!
    Friends?!? I have a few.... I think.
    Been stuck in my house for far too long. 😳😒😖

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    James Berry

    16 days ago

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    pre dig

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    David Windsor

    16 days ago

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    duoc mat

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  • Andrew Shøvlin

    Andrew Shøvlin

    16 days ago

    She is such a dream.. I have to explain to my gf why my car has a roll cage all the time. She has never been to a track and she thinks race cars are really loud and she doesn't understand why people enjoy being in such a loud car. Also to.her motorsport is not a real sport since drivers dont get to do anything sporty. I need a petrohead gf to replace this one

  • Trojan Ninjas

    Trojan Ninjas

    16 days ago

    I'm new! How do you afford all this? Your doing my dream job! I'm working on being a mechanic! Can't wait to see where you go!

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    Mossy Shotgun590

    16 days ago

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    Garden Tools

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    Anthony Sanford

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    Isabelle Charron

    16 days ago

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    jethro rowe

    16 days ago


  • Joshua Waggoner

    Joshua Waggoner

    17 days ago

    Build build build. Awesome awesome Awesome. But when are u ever going to race them? Winter is for building as summer is for racing. Get outta Commi Cali if things are still shut down, and for good, unfortunately there's no future there.

  • A Link to Zelda

    A Link to Zelda

    17 days ago

    How do you not have a million subscribers your amazing

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    Dan W

    17 days ago

    I thought you were pulling my leg when you said 'get the bladder installed', until you folded the damn thing in half to get it in there!!😮 It looked like a fiberglass tank sitting on the floor.. who would have known?😁



    17 days ago

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    Nicholas Bishop

    17 days ago

    Awesome start on Truffle Butter - I am super pumped to see it run for the first time !!!

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    Terry Rutherford

    17 days ago

    My friend growing up is the crew chief on the latest Indy 500 winning team. Congrats to Matt Swan and Hélio Castroneves. Thanks for the Vlog!

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    Abhideep Singh Poonia

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    Stephen “Vulcanraven27” Weeden

    17 days ago

    Is it me or did the pit crew member at 12:48 check for tightness the wrong way on driver side or am I crazy?

    • Stephen “Vulcanraven27” Weeden

      Stephen “Vulcanraven27” Weeden

      16 days ago

      @Drive Manual that explains what I saw then. Crazy. Not many things are reverse threaded.

    • Drive Manual

      Drive Manual

      16 days ago

      some race cars like porsches and i guess these lambos will have a left hand thread on one side and a right hand on the other side

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    William Melin

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    Steven Wechter

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    Ken Balentine

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    Travis Currier

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    James Brown

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    Craig Proctor

    17 days ago

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    17 days ago

    Please, please, please consider a name change for the Super Trofeo. I'm honestly not trying to be mean, but the current one gives me incredible douche chills. I can't even type it.  
    Just think about it is all I ask.

  • Rubin James

    Rubin James

    17 days ago

    I need that pit stop torque wrench 🔧 in my life 😫

  • Tommy Suan

    Tommy Suan

    17 days ago

    I hate Youtuber videos with lame guys flooring it on the freeway for 2 seconds and commenting how fast it is. Emelia is doing it right. This is interesting.

  • Randy Mackintosh

    Randy Mackintosh

    17 days ago

    So cool...I have raced with Steven at Laguna during an SCCA race where he was testing his Lambo...I enjoyed watching him FLY by and the flames shooting out of the car in turns...LOL

  • Driver Jay

    Driver Jay

    17 days ago

    This is why we need more Women in Racing.. She calls Her Body over Frame Sports Racer 🤔... Truffle Butter 😲🙃
    And Truffle Butter is really harrasing... margarine 🤡😆

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    -G- LocK

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    kill all tires

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    Brian Reed

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    Oliver Allpress

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    J T

    17 days ago

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  • sand-bandit


    17 days ago

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  • matt hill

    matt hill

    17 days ago

    If you need any help finding parts for this try hitting up driftworks in the UK, Phil the owner just built what's basically a super trofeo that's road legal

  • DoctorBillS


    17 days ago

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    Martin Wink

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