Sold my Supercar :(

Published on Jun 26, 2021
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What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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  • EmeliaHartford


    Month ago

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    • Nabhan Khan

      Nabhan Khan

      24 days ago

      Your are still yucky!

    • Nabhan Khan

      Nabhan Khan

      24 days ago

      Your yucky

    • Nabhan Khan

      Nabhan Khan

      24 days ago

      Your yucky

    • Nabhan Khan

      Nabhan Khan

      24 days ago

      Your yucky

    • Nabhan Khan

      Nabhan Khan

      24 days ago


  • Brad


    14 hours ago

    If she actually thought through her decisions longer than 3 seconds she would have thought of this reason not to buy the Lambo before she bought it and not after and not wasted peoples time

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    Day ago

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  • Christopher Hoppe

    Christopher Hoppe

    4 days ago

    Absolutely LOVE your laugh!! Great content as always!

  • Michael Reyes

    Michael Reyes

    6 days ago


  • Ted Muskadeli

    Ted Muskadeli

    10 days ago

    You’re shell car

  • Rock Nation

    Rock Nation

    13 days ago

    Nicccccccce car 👍

  • Austin Koeppen

    Austin Koeppen

    13 days ago

    I love fresh headlights, something satisfying about it.

  • Aarsenalfan


    13 days ago

    IN-N-OUT my favorite 👍👌🍻

  • Aron Ryan K

    Aron Ryan K

    16 days ago

    This is what is so annoying with your channel , your click bait are not good, you spent 70% talking to that tomato car ….. get better vids to make great meaning full click bait….

  • C aphs

    C aphs

    16 days ago

    Happy boxer hahaha such a coool doggo

  • Dreamy_


    21 day ago

    Lamborghini will always be more prestigious and fun than Ferarri 😂👍

  • Ric Stiles

    Ric Stiles

    22 days ago

    You keep asking and I keep not subscribing and I want to tell you why...
    Most gear-heads, me included, do not shuffle around 6-digit cars in and out of our own personal shop. Its not realistic for most people. Who, what, when, and how do you have the means to do all this? Sure, I'd love to have all those toys too, but one Corvette is all I can afford and that's prolly more than most... and I'm an engineer for one of the BIG3. Also, I love it when you say things like, "I have been into Subarus 'FOREVER'." Really Amelia, forever? How old are you 25? So what is forever to you, 10, 15 years? My tool box is older than you and I'm only 50. You're entertaining and cute, but there's no point in subscribing to a fantasy channel unless there's going to be T!T$. Peace and axle grease.

  • Jon S

    Jon S

    23 days ago

    I would have clicked a week ago had I know there would be Subaru content :)

  • David Kelm

    David Kelm

    23 days ago

    Car Life 🤓

  • kevon ramson gaming

    kevon ramson gaming

    24 days ago


  • Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Smile_uwokeup _2day

    24 days ago

    Emelia nice Subaru car da orange color is Hot n sounds great too. Would ya ever sell it. Just asking .

  • Nacho Croes

    Nacho Croes

    24 days ago

    I love that Orange color cool .

  • Garrett R.C.

    Garrett R.C.

    24 days ago

    Shout out to the Harbor Freight Daytona 3 ton floor jacks they use.

  • Jerry Vanchhawng

    Jerry Vanchhawng

    24 days ago

    04:00 i hope some day you give PUBG codes :P :D

  • James Morton

    James Morton

    24 days ago

    rather have my subi than a lambo. i know the feels

  • Jim Marshall

    Jim Marshall

    25 days ago

    I love your enthusiasm.

  • Randolph Smith

    Randolph Smith

    25 days ago

    Yooo you’re so cool. You really like your cars and you know your stuff.

  • john manning

    john manning

    26 days ago

    to commercial lies good luck im out

  • VIcki Naylor

    VIcki Naylor

    27 days ago

    Dim sum

  • Paul Bahre AKA Crash

    Paul Bahre AKA Crash

    27 days ago

    How come you have the last name of my Home town, Hartford, CT....

  • Richard Salazar

    Richard Salazar

    27 days ago

    i want a c8 emelia

  • whinniethepimp


    27 days ago

    Don't do the camera slap thing when you say bye to us. Stradman does it and it's stupid too.

  • rtbasey


    28 days ago didn't accept THAT offer on the Corvette? Or maybe not yet. GM should award you with an early Z06!...who else can create more excitement about performance possibilities for their halo cars?

  • skaterpunk491


    28 days ago

    You should check out TSSFab on Facebook they make sick frames for Subarus.

  • andrew wilgus

    andrew wilgus

    28 days ago

    you could of gotten a parts car !

  • Cryptic Chris 21

    Cryptic Chris 21

    29 days ago

    Plz buy the evo2

  • Kevin Beauchamp

    Kevin Beauchamp

    29 days ago

    Towing a Subaru with a ford ha ha ha. Putting it on a janke trailer is a whole other story.

  • antonio magana

    antonio magana

    29 days ago

    Like ur videos but work on ur skills. Made me nauseous

  • Ethan Daley

    Ethan Daley

    29 days ago

    She’s buying the Ferrari

  • Dylan Nix

    Dylan Nix

    29 days ago

    If Tomato’s engine blows you gotta swap a Porsche flat-6 into it lol

  • Gav Hirt

    Gav Hirt

    29 days ago

    Unless its Ken then put on pampers cuz you shit your self then boom



    29 days ago

    OK I’ll say this cause I ran a an ‘02 EJ207 RA in my ‘02 WRX and it was indestructible! Ran 32psi on pump gas at 9000rpm red for coming on 4000 miles before I got scammed into losing it. The mysterious main bearing knock sound wound up being something completely different not related to the engines internals. Now have a 2.5 with crap rpm and feel and my 207 bottom end was “lost” 😖 207’s are gold, had 50,000 miles of sheer 8500 rpm/24 psi abuse on that engine and it loved it!



    29 days ago

    Ah a favorite of mine….

  • JSmooVE3990


    29 days ago

    Why is Danger Dan there!

  • shootfromthehipband


    29 days ago

    Emelia what did you make for dinner?

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    29 days ago

    Love the Subaru! You are hitting all the builds I'd love to do!

  • josh8877


    29 days ago

    I just want the gnx next to mater first car i ever drove was a 84 cutless with a 442

  • Lantz Burrell

    Lantz Burrell

    29 days ago

    Please tint tomato’s windows dark

  • J. Chavez

    J. Chavez

    29 days ago

    YOO!! tomato is looking sooo f*cking fresh 👌

  • FYoCouchN


    29 days ago

    12:25 Emelia: "I don't sell cars...."
    Poopturd: Umm.....excuse me?

  • Jon Yeo

    Jon Yeo

    Month ago

    Consider a JDM Sti Type-Ra tail lights 🤙🏻



    Month ago

    What will she buy now........................... 🤔

  • Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos

    Month ago


  • Todd Andersen

    Todd Andersen

    Month ago

    C8 belongs in the corvette museum....🇺🇲👍

  • winki51z


    Month ago

    Yes Suby's, had at least one around since 1998

  • Anthony Faubus

    Anthony Faubus

    Month ago

    wut?! a Subaru!? jk, I has one, it goes rumble ;)

  • Tony


    Month ago

    Sold the Lambo before completion? FAIL

  • Gary Sue

    Gary Sue

    Month ago

    I've strayed away from the channel simply because the content wasnt really interesting to me, but came back and stayed for this one simply for the Scooby. Will be good to see your daily built and on the road again.

  • Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee

    Month ago

    Tomatoes are red but so are Ferrari 458'

  • Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee

    Month ago

    Tomato needs a FMIC not a top mount!!!

  • Dr650rob


    Month ago

    I love how she doesn't mind smoking cigd

  • The Coming Home Band . com

    The Coming Home Band . com

    Month ago

    good choice

  • A.J. W.

    A.J. W.

    Month ago

    Subie fam!!!

  • David Eckhardt

    David Eckhardt

    Month ago

    As much as you haul cars how is that hoopty trailer what you're using?

  • illwill311


    Month ago

    I don't come here often but does Emelia know what truffle butter means?

  • Surma A

    Surma A

    Month ago

    Truffle butter 🤣😂😂

  • Alan Curson

    Alan Curson

    Month ago

    OMG this is awesome my dream car is a turbo WRX STI and that color is beautiful! thank you for showing that Subaru.

  • Jacob Baird

    Jacob Baird

    Month ago

  • Buck Shot

    Buck Shot

    Month ago

    I’m wondering if you yanks can’t tune a Subaru ? As we don’t have the same shit as much in U.K. but we are the pinnacle of tuning now

  • Alex Vargas

    Alex Vargas

    Month ago

    You are one of those rare Dream girl for a man.

  • Moments in Time Films

    Moments in Time Films

    Month ago

    Buy my Drifter truck for your ch

  • Cha Leowin

    Cha Leowin

    Month ago

    That subie is legit stealth mode.

  • Roger The gummy bear 210

    Roger The gummy bear 210

    Month ago

    Favorite YouTube car now

  • Khris Tacy

    Khris Tacy

    Month ago

    Using a 240SX as a bench for the parts for a Subaru!? LOL shame...

  • Brian


    Month ago

    "If you don't turn around to look at your car, you bought the wrong car" - best statement of all time.

    • Enrique Barba

      Enrique Barba

      29 days ago

      Uhmmm that’s an old saying

  • portenio78


    Month ago

    When are her and Sean going to be official?

  • Rain»»


    Month ago

    Nooooooo, we’ll it was nessecary

  • bos200409


    Month ago

    Good thing if it hit my car I would know who to get in touch with.

  • Brandon K

    Brandon K

    Month ago

    Spendy cars and a $500 trailer.....crazy

  • dameon smith

    dameon smith

    Month ago

    Ah dang

  • John G

    John G

    Month ago

    So far, the C8 is still the king.

  • captaincookie Andmilk

    captaincookie Andmilk

    Month ago

    Would you ever consider marrying me and having my babies?

  • Ryan Mackey

    Ryan Mackey

    Month ago

    Emelia needs to step up her trailer game. I was worried about the subies bumper the moment I saw the trailer. I had PTSD flash back when I ripped off a freshly painted bumper on my Civic.

  • Luis Carrion

    Luis Carrion

    Month ago

    I F*ing love that Subaru :) it's nice to see it around again

  • ThaviChiba San

    ThaviChiba San

    Month ago

    GC8 is legit!

  • damascusblade


    Month ago

    That Lambo had to go, if for no other reason than they gave it such a cringey name.

  • Strker10


    Month ago

    I used to like her videos because it was everyday cars and i felt she was like us, now that money has started to come this channel it’s turning into one of those luxury car channel, good luck tho no hate just not my cup of tea to watch these videos.

  • nowyczlowiek0


    Month ago

    @9:33 lip reading translation:
    no need to thank me

  • Micktrinus


    Month ago

    "I've always wanted a *insert car*" 3 weeks later, "So I'm selling that car that I wanted so bad..."
    I'm kinda surprised she hasn't gotten rid of Envy yet...

  • kolo


    Month ago

    That e46 UTE though

  • RJayStyle


    Month ago

    3 numbers 458!

  • MattSarah Fuerstenau

    MattSarah Fuerstenau

    Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣 We almost ran out of TP during the "shortage" and about a month after it came back to the store I found 4 rolls in my truck!🤣🤣🤣

  • starsaberfan39


    Month ago

    Who else thought that it was the stradman in the thumbnail

  • mike s

    mike s

    Month ago

    These cars have possibly the worst sounding engine of any 4 cylinder engine made. They sound just like an old VW beetle because they have the same horizontally opposed layout. Please put a quiet muffler on it no matter how much power it makes so that you don't offend people with the dismal sounding thing, thanks. Or put some V 8 in it and make it sound better. And run better.

  • Ryan Kasko

    Ryan Kasko

    Month ago

    2:35 I spy a Red Prelude!!!!!!! That's a rare boi.

  • Daneel Brown

    Daneel Brown

    Month ago

    That a shell not a car

  • Leonard Kozick

    Leonard Kozick

    Month ago


  • Jesse Veek

    Jesse Veek

    Month ago

    shocking a Subaru on a trailer

  • Natasha Willimas

    Natasha Willimas

    Month ago

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      Pinned by Invest in India

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      Sago Digggle

      Month ago

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      Sago Digggle

      Month ago

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    • Super Mario Brothers

      Super Mario Brothers

      Month ago

      @Evgenija Bevcar Thanks. Appreciate 👍

    • Evgenija Bevcar

      Evgenija Bevcar

      Month ago

      she's available on W.H.A.T.S.A.P.P⬆️

  • N3STRo


    Month ago

    Hondas are better

  • Drift or Circuit

    Drift or Circuit

    Month ago

    I loved the Danger Dan nod of approval.

  • Brent Chuck

    Brent Chuck

    Month ago

    "I love Subarus, I've been through a lot of them." Emelia and every other WRX/STi owner. 😆

  • James Boyle

    James Boyle

    Month ago

    Really love your videos as like how you work on your cars and you seem such a good person.