Someone broke my world record, so here is my response...

Published on May 24, 2021
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What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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  • Grant Huling

    Grant Huling

    7 days ago

    She has the face of a cookie and the character of an entitled, ignorant, privileged Millennial. "I have so many cars I sometimes forget how many I have in my garage." What an arrogant cookie.

  • Bob Warner

    Bob Warner

    Month ago

    Love it really, but keep your left hand on the left side of the wheel unless parking or on the dyno.

  • Vino Hekhuvi Achumi

    Vino Hekhuvi Achumi

    Month ago

    Emily ❤️

  • Mohamad Abbas

    Mohamad Abbas

    Month ago

    You are a very nice person

  • Reuben Stern

    Reuben Stern

    Month ago

    cool af.

  • Stephen Botello

    Stephen Botello

    Month ago

    You got the like when you admitted fueltech still had the highest hp c8, I was curious if you were gonna beat it

  • Butcherknife59 Knife

    Butcherknife59 Knife

    Month ago

    Keep up the SUCK BLOW Emelia ... Love your videos lady.... Around Bend Oregon out!

  • luna cat gaming

    luna cat gaming

    Month ago

    But that corvette though.😍😍

  • luna cat gaming

    luna cat gaming

    Month ago

    20:40 shEEEEeeeesh, and we all heard that at 19:40.

  • DelatronTV


    2 months ago

    u will need another exhaust or aomething there is no explosions coming out of the pipes

  • Dwayne Sangster

    Dwayne Sangster

    2 months ago

    Is this your corvette ?

  • DelatronTV


    2 months ago

    Ialso like the wheels n tires girl killin it lol

    • DelatronTV


      2 months ago

      wauwwwww shit sounds like dope

  • Grand Theft Auto

    Grand Theft Auto

    2 months ago

    Wish I can get one of this cars

  • Nabahe Manygoats

    Nabahe Manygoats

    2 months ago

    Idk what's more beautiful, the girl or car..

  • N. A.

    N. A.

    2 months ago

    Keep doin the damn thing ♡Føŕđ!!

  • Gusto J

    Gusto J

    2 months ago

    Cars beautiful, but the front is horrible looking, looks like a huge mouth! 😮🤦🏻‍♂️Thx for sharing 👍

  • kinkbiker4life69


    2 months ago

    First video I’ve watched of this girl and she is doing pulls with one hand on the phone with the other yikes

  • Keith Akui

    Keith Akui

    2 months ago

    Enjoy ur VLOG and all of the Corvette info included in it! Keep up the great work! I own a 2007 C6 and have had problems finding CARB parts, especiallyi cam kits and other performance parts? I know you did start ur VLOG there in the L.A. area, right? Any companies that you've used before that can address the lack of CARB parts for Corvettes here in Calif? I live in the SF bay area. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  • menjivar76


    2 months ago

    I like the way how humble she says :
    I have so many cars that I don’t know which one is on the garage!!!! 👏👏👏

  • Bill Flores

    Bill Flores

    2 months ago

    Love your car…love you even more🥰

  • John Brian Lopez

    John Brian Lopez

    2 months ago

    It's so stoked to get proper knowledge of what you are completely doing to "trick out " that beast of a she C8 and I just stubbled across your channel and after watch a bit into it I scribed and hit the like so just finishing it now and looking forward to seeing more of your proper ways to do thing and see the results ,,, how you gained all your knowledge in this area is with respect all the respect when I say it's so so sexy attractive to have a female know so much about how to properly upgrade trucks cars etc !!! Onelove wishing you much success n much safety your smile is like a sunrise or sunset literally takes my breath away and I bet in person it's all that much brighter and literally would take my breath away. Like said with all do respect¡! Again OneLove JB I never write comments to strangers or at all so why u am now have no idea but hopefully you'll see this and read this and get positive energy that I am sending your way Stay Blessed 🤙🤙😁🌞🙏

  • Stephen Coster

    Stephen Coster

    2 months ago

    Hiya, it's my age but I forgot something. When connecting wires with red/blue/yellow crimps only use ratchet crimpers. Flying Sparks Garage and Mike Finnigan are sponsored by a wiring company, they have the same ratchet crimpers I used for years as a spark. They work. No car firm uses soldered connectors or hand-powered crimpers. Solder joints vibrate apart over time, only fully crimped ones work. A crimp, done well welds the joint together, it will pass the electrickery properly forever. Steve...

  • Stephen Coster

    Stephen Coster

    2 months ago

    Hiya dear lady, when you were checking the spark plug wires you used a multimeter that puts 0.5 to 3 volts down the wires. If you use an electrician's mega-ohm meter to measure, that puts, well the ones here in the UK put 500 to 1000 volts through. Now, how many volts are going through those leads when they are running the engine? Don't rely on 3 volts to get a real reading, plus crock clip the leads on, get a strong grip on the lead ends, not a probe, sort of touching! I hope this helps...Stay safe...Steve...

  • Cake gato

    Cake gato

    2 months ago

    The dream car of many people I also want to have a car like that

  • Cory Miles

    Cory Miles

    2 months ago

    yes to the f150 content

  • Spear Shaker

    Spear Shaker

    2 months ago

    Is she the garage mascot?

  • Robin Sapmaz

    Robin Sapmaz

    2 months ago


  • Nicholas Sway

    Nicholas Sway

    2 months ago

    Just skip ahead two minutes when she tries to peddle some bullshit 👍

  • kingdawg2011


    2 months ago

    Love the safe “street testing” while holding a camera in your right hand and your left all the way on the right side of the wheel. With innocent bystanders everywhere. Good job

  • John G

    John G

    2 months ago

    Your laugh is too funny

  • CryptoSlo


    2 months ago

    Just picked up m3 comp. Grill is the shit.

  • Timo Wallin

    Timo Wallin

    2 months ago

    5:00 No no NO! BARO is not pressure of your car pipes. you can add pressure like to 200psi ~13Bar and BARO dos not move, at the level you are from the sea...
    Yes Baro might be the right thing you are talking, but its not the sensor! As BARO is not a sensor at all...

  • mverick160


    2 months ago

    Amazing work. Dynos are just numbers. I see a lot of dyno numbers that when put in use can't do anything. I know of a 700+hp Dyno 2.5l Porsche 944 Turbo, that on the street was pretty much worthless. In a 2500lb car.

  • Classical Music Remixes 432hz

    Classical Music Remixes 432hz

    2 months ago

    are you gona get the zr1 or z06 when they come out?

  • sean sunil

    sean sunil

    2 months ago

    she might be the female stradman

  • Jason Blankenship

    Jason Blankenship

    2 months ago

    Blue smoke on the pass side under load

  • shazk21


    2 months ago

    I’m all about BMW

  • A_Real_Jive_Turkey


    2 months ago

    She ordered me to comment below at least 46 times in this vid so damn ok I'm commenting happy? And today I found out that even women's cars are a "Her" or a "she"

  • Jax


    2 months ago

    I'd like to full.send in her

  • Marc Been

    Marc Been

    2 months ago

    F-150!! JUST SEND IT!! ;D

  • Gaetano Balzo

    Gaetano Balzo

    3 months ago

    What can do with a ram 2021 v6 ETrouqe! I want to turbo or supercharge!

  • UCFierce


    3 months ago

    What is not to love about an F-150



    3 months ago

    Just so much to go wrong with hi tech cars. Bugatti has 16 drain hole plugs for the oil, that is insane.

  • carving stories

    carving stories

    3 months ago

    BMW is sending you cars to drive I wanna see you do an endurance race, like Lemans, that would be a wicked documentary, especially with you😉

  • Mildred Villasencio

    Mildred Villasencio

    3 months ago

    Hi new fun ..from phillipines 😊😊

  • Matthew Columbie

    Matthew Columbie

    3 months ago

    Omg I love the m4 comp. I love the new grill and definitely love that 503 baby

  • A Ald

    A Ald

    3 months ago

    No disrespect but I personally can’t stand when people lower a truck. That being said his f-150 is not that bad, not like those horrible looking trucks that are slammed. Please don’t lower it anymore it’s too low as it is but still a bad ass truck. Just my opinion.

  • Fábio Isidro

    Fábio Isidro

    3 months ago

    Someone has a name...
    Anderson FT

  • Don Tattoo

    Don Tattoo

    3 months ago

    Yea slide that beamer!! Tf :)

  • Ozzy3333333


    3 months ago

    so here is my response..."I FAILED"

  • Josh Thurman

    Josh Thurman

    3 months ago

    Your doing amazing the car is amazing now it’s just fine tuning it and making it into the perfect monster

  • Just An Anarchist

    Just An Anarchist

    3 months ago

    World records are meant to be broken!!

  • captaincookie Andmilk

    captaincookie Andmilk

    3 months ago


  • Harry Stedman

    Harry Stedman

    3 months ago

    Didn’t know what was in garage…but had key in her hand???!!!

  • Brian Hald

    Brian Hald

    3 months ago

    Joe about an ls3 high tunet in the Raptor?

  • Nathan Baxter

    Nathan Baxter

    3 months ago

    I have a f150 and would love to see some of that content

  • Andrig Miller

    Andrig Miller

    3 months ago

    There is pressure that the sensor will read, it's just the regular barometric pressure that we all experience. That pressure will change in relation to altitude, so it's not that it doesn't read any pressure, just normal air pressure.

  • Carl Stevens

    Carl Stevens

    3 months ago

    That car is amazing. Well done you.

  • Sokun Eng

    Sokun Eng

    3 months ago

    I don't like how the new BMW grills look but I get it. It's about cooling and staying true to the kidney style grill.

  • Matheus Azeredo

    Matheus Azeredo

    3 months ago

    já que tá cheio de BR aqui, alguem entendeu a potencia que veio ??

  • Stephen Lamm

    Stephen Lamm

    3 months ago

    The new bmw front end is so stupid looking

  • Mu'izz Bullen

    Mu'izz Bullen

    3 months ago

    You sound like you have Egyptian DNA

  • mendezeddie1322


    3 months ago

    I need to get that stuff is old and outdated

  • Nick Martin

    Nick Martin

    3 months ago

    I want to see any vehicle content. I am an enthusiast

  • How To Invest 4 Yourself

    How To Invest 4 Yourself

    3 months ago

    OMG that’s crazy

  • K J

    K J

    3 months ago

    Aussie 4L Inline six Turbo known to push 1200Hp.

  • MrVonspib


    3 months ago

    M4 front makes me ill likes the old front just but that’s nasty

  • olle wareus

    olle wareus

    3 months ago

    Yeah I wanna see it

  • Black Mephistopheles

    Black Mephistopheles

    3 months ago

    Landscapes: It's a Whole New Ball Game!
    (Did I just say the quiet part out loud again?)

  • Murphy Aldrich

    Murphy Aldrich

    3 months ago

    The previous show postprandially curl because eggnog parenthetically ski aboard a humdrum leaf. gigantic, standing galley

  • Eric R

    Eric R

    3 months ago

    My thoughts are the front grill is ugly.

  • TravyHart


    3 months ago


  • Famy John

    Famy John

    3 months ago


  • jeff ouellette

    jeff ouellette

    3 months ago

    You're going to have a broken heart real soon.

  • LibertyOrDeath 1775

    LibertyOrDeath 1775

    3 months ago

    great view today

  • Michael Curry

    Michael Curry

    3 months ago

    #BoostDistrict FTW!!!

  • James Bratton

    James Bratton

    3 months ago

    You are the perfect women in the world I would love to have just one date with you!!!! ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😁😁😁😁

  • night Mare

    night Mare

    3 months ago

    Absolutely F150

  • Eric Bullard

    Eric Bullard

    3 months ago

    People I know are making 1200-1500hp.. and those are just the ones I know.. Cars these days are crazy.

  • Corey Crosswhite

    Corey Crosswhite

    3 months ago

    Finally paying people some money, so they can also have fun

  • Michael Turman

    Michael Turman

    3 months ago

    To bad you are doing all this work to try to get the horsepower that you can get from a brand new tesla that you can order

  • Malcolm Adams

    Malcolm Adams

    3 months ago

    Ladies take note 📝

  • don z.

    don z.

    3 months ago

    That's a nice second gen Fiero!

  • Tim Mantyla

    Tim Mantyla

    3 months ago

    You guys are insane with your quest for HP and track times but it's fun to watch! I wish I could understand the lingo. Could you put a link up to modding lingo?

  • Jared Brown

    Jared Brown

    3 months ago

    Thanks for the heads up on how to trim my balls. When you become more than a YouTuber and have a job I’d believe anything you say. Are you tuning this when you say “we”?

  • Don Phillips

    Don Phillips

    3 months ago

    In the thumbnail she is flashing the Cornuto sign which represents allegiance to satan. Just saying for all the uneducated 🤔

  • Don Scott

    Don Scott

    3 months ago

    Really nice channel, which I’m now sub’d to. Brings back memories of the late 70’s. I used to work for Brandon & Turnage Race Cars, Custom Engine Specialties, and Bob Glidden Industries. Even though I’m in my late 60’s, I find that it’s still in my blood. AMAZING how tuning has advanced. We only dealt with normally-aspirated and supercharged motors, lol..

  • jokicha


    3 months ago

    connect the m4's kidney grille and itll look a lot better

  • Kraken Forever

    Kraken Forever

    3 months ago

    This shitty corvette will not hold a week before it blow, it is just a dyno queen. Cute girl video at best.

  • AVR l Derrick

    AVR l Derrick

    3 months ago

    i keep forgetting is not that kind of meth

  • Krishnaa Suhanthan

    Krishnaa Suhanthan

    3 months ago


  • Grady Harper

    Grady Harper

    3 months ago

    Cam shaft Mods are how you fetch more Power and again your ignition coil has to be capable of keeping up with it. Frequently your Valves and their timing adjustment need close attention as well and maybe find new and more powerful Turbos x 2 if that don't work go for 4 turbos one turbo for Two pistons

  • ismael11550


    3 months ago

    The sound of the turbos omg

  • Jake Pysz

    Jake Pysz

    3 months ago

    Vmp blower on the f150?

  • Crab Cake

    Crab Cake

    3 months ago

    m4 is a literal buttface

  • Ryan Kimball

    Ryan Kimball

    3 months ago

    The m4 doesn't look bad...and supposed to be track worthy? is nice

  • dpeagles


    3 months ago

    Bet there are a lot of simps here.

  • demon646


    3 months ago

    my ears hurt... HOW is everyone here NOT wearing hearing protection?

  • AL D

    AL D

    3 months ago

    1012 nice. Good choice.

  • Keith Pratola

    Keith Pratola

    3 months ago

    Ditch the Vette, and go get one of these. :)