Supercar Delivered To My NEW Shop + New Build Announcement!

Published on Mar 31, 2021
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What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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  • Redoan Mugdho

    Redoan Mugdho

    3 days ago


  • J P

    J P

    6 days ago

    The strong modem customarily imagine because poppy phylogenitically discover to a unusual drop. mysterious, snotty quilt

  • istván


    8 days ago

    The Gulf racing style colour is best possible for your Vette.

  • Rick Preston

    Rick Preston

    10 days ago

    I would love to win that supra, my insane 95 celica converable would look sick next to it.



    11 days ago


  • Akino Haruna

    Akino Haruna

    11 days ago
    Youtube: This is fine
    Someone: Says "heck"
    Youtube: BE GONE
    однако я люблю таких рыбаков

  • Maarten Methorst

    Maarten Methorst

    18 days ago

    i just love how Emelia keeps herself from laughing while doing the proffesional add :P. its seriously more fun then any other manscape add

  • Joseph King

    Joseph King

    25 days ago

    Paige is now my new YT crush,😆

  • Joshua Monegro

    Joshua Monegro

    28 days ago

    Those pulls were insane! Just based of the sound. Wow.

  • Truety's Gaming

    Truety's Gaming

    28 days ago

    I would take that GT over a vet any day of the week!!!!

  • Tim


    29 days ago

    Who drives with throw up in their car for over a month? Doesn't that make you want to say to her kiss me baby?.. urrg!!

  • Gabriel Colon

    Gabriel Colon

    29 days ago

    Widebody the c8 w a street hunter kit 😵‍💫

  • marc latchaw

    marc latchaw

    Month ago

    beautiful snake but im a diehard chevy man

  • SchoolNoah Steinorth

    SchoolNoah Steinorth

    Month ago

    You slayed that Manscaped sponsorship clip. Lol

  • Andrzej Dre Daniel Cygan

    Andrzej Dre Daniel Cygan

    Month ago

    I love that NSX man u r so lucky 2 drive it. I love that thing and I can't believe he's giving it away Brad must b mad.. I'm pissed I missed out on getting da chance 2 win it. I wish I had 2 da money 2 buy 1 but I haven't and being disabled car Mechanic I never will but all da best in ur new shop. Still love that NSX!!!!

  • Greg James

    Greg James

    Month ago

    EXCELLENT sponsorship!! Great marketing decision by all involved!

  • Evloftis


    Month ago

    i think Street fighter TJ hunt makes a wing for the C8

  • T AH

    T AH

    Month ago

    Who was Sandy talking about when he was saying " a blowhard"?

  • Ethan Macheras

    Ethan Macheras

    Month ago

    beautiful cars! garage looks awesome!

  • jkeithv65


    Month ago

    The first time I've watched the sponsor promo all the way through because I was enjoying watching her trying to keep from laughing through the whole thing

  • Sonly Skin

    Sonly Skin

    Month ago

    My mom just got her new super car delivered today it was a honda accord

  • jeremy wells

    jeremy wells

    Month ago

    Note to self, Em doesn’t like hairy balls.

  • Terrell Royal

    Terrell Royal

    Month ago

    Very nice!!👍💯😜🤩

  • Jason Baker

    Jason Baker

    Month ago

    Just so u know The mods will no affect recalls. the recall will even be done if the car is moded

  • Jordan Kopp

    Jordan Kopp

    Month ago

    I can understand why a woman would appreciate the manscaped products but idk why "your co-workers will thank you"... that'd have to be some MAJOR ball BO!!🤮

  • Clyde Moreno

    Clyde Moreno

    Month ago

    7k for some of the ugliest wheels I've ever seen.

  • Ross Kulma

    Ross Kulma

    Month ago

    I think she needs to demo the manscape tool on the Boys in her shop.

  • Béla Tóth

    Béla Tóth

    Month ago

    Sorry! This NSX is a sacrilege!

  • EF-rything


    2 months ago

    Pimped by manscape 😂

  • Frank Hossack

    Frank Hossack

    2 months ago

    Are you going to paint the floors in the shop? It makes things a lot easier.

  • William Levy

    William Levy

    2 months ago

    As shmee is going over the GT 500 on their ride, you can literally see the wheels turning in Amelia’s head. She’s gettin’ one!

  • ツEclipse


    2 months ago

    Holy shit Shmee is paying for Bugatti wheels with 7k a wheel

  • 20b3rotordream


    2 months ago

    The s197 you drove for your license was a solid rear axle where the newer s550 platform is IRS. They improved greatly at road course manner.

  • Not You Again

    Not You Again

    2 months ago

    Soooo, ummmm. will you marry me? I'll get you a ballin ring too! You are my, oh shit I forgot I am married and she is about to come into the room! :P

  • thelosteddies


    2 months ago

    You lost me at 100k mustang

  • J.


    2 months ago

    She geeks like a typical California stoner type brah-chick 🤣

  • Nine2Five


    2 months ago

    Shmee where I live means cigarettes haha

  • zeomarmob


    2 months ago

    Where is supercar?

  • David Caldwell

    David Caldwell

    2 months ago

    you know about blacking out all Barcodes on any packages that are sent you your shop, Right? Barcode can contain the ship to address, and lowlifes who don't have anything better to do than steal shit from other people, take the time to check videos for bar codes. just tear off the stickers themselves so no bar code accidentally wind up in a video....

  • Michelle Morgan

    Michelle Morgan

    2 months ago

    Wish she had some videos in a tiny bikini!! 🔥🥵🥞

  • Rick James

    Rick James

    2 months ago

    Can Canadians enter that contest??? I want that nsx !!!

  • Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby

    2 months ago

    You’re gonna get real tired of listening to that air compressor...idk if you’re able to or not but outside would be ideal, just an idea

  • joey Arsoen

    joey Arsoen

    2 months ago


  • mark im

    mark im

    2 months ago

    Yeah I’m no longer subbed , there’s much better channels than hers..later..

  • mark im

    mark im

    2 months ago

    This video is bought to you by forward..who wants to listen to some girl talk about shaving your balls, how about talking shaving her cough cough sweaty Parts..see how much she’d like to listen to it..the whole thing is just screw you man cough cough whatever..oh I like that we can tune these, lol really mustangs can be not for much longer, thanks to the EPA AND ALL THISE WHO REMOVED THEIR EMISSIONS..

  • mark im

    mark im

    2 months ago

    Super car, it’s a wreaked pile of junk..

  • William Rutledge

    William Rutledge

    2 months ago

    14:10 Sandy pointing out the obvious. Any truck over 10,000kg give or take has airbag suspension because of the weigh it will be carrying.

  • Mike Banks

    Mike Banks

    2 months ago

    Thats one of the sickest Acura nsx's I have ever seen that grey is amazing!!

  • Matt Holmes

    Matt Holmes

    2 months ago

    smee should visit gettin Jr and Ken block 😜🔥🔥

  • Robert Lively

    Robert Lively

    2 months ago

    Not so smart .... 7000 per wheel? Don't ALL mustangs slide into curbs?

  • chris armour

    chris armour

    2 months ago

    How much did you give for your car lifts and where did you get them from I am looking for a two-post for my garage

  • All Viking

    All Viking

    2 months ago


  • Oneil Basdeo

    Oneil Basdeo

    2 months ago

    The sponsorship caught me off guard

  • King Canabis

    King Canabis

    2 months ago

    Yo girl have u seen the new c8 2023 girl youd love it its sexy as hell

  • Blotted


    2 months ago

    The NSX is one of my favorite cars. I'd KILL for one. Brent over at PFI speed has one of the cleanest stock looking ones I've ever seen.

  • sj 62

    sj 62

    2 months ago

    You need to get DailyDrivenExotics involved with your manscape ads! Dave would love to volunteer!

  • Jay Simons

    Jay Simons

    2 months ago

    Turbo the crown vic, the world needs more turbo panthers.

  • Wreck_Ignition


    2 months ago

    Ohhh nooo. Emelia is going to end up in a crowd now 😔

  • Rob habraken

    Rob habraken

    2 months ago

    do let let dogface smee in your shop

  • Steve Bull

    Steve Bull

    2 months ago

    I love the content but would love more to watch a bunch of friends work together and build cars faster at a fraction of the price then the you tubers out there now just to let you all what you can build for less then the base price of the c8

  • Tyce snow

    Tyce snow

    2 months ago

    27:15 2jz s15

  • Spaceinvader2.0


    2 months ago

    Pff dealerships are putting mark ups on all GT500’s ripping ppl off they gave shmee a good price cause of promotion.

  • Dave Palmer

    Dave Palmer

    2 months ago

    No mustang. Puke

  • Muktarrif Abdul-Razik

    Muktarrif Abdul-Razik

    2 months ago

    I'm mad I didn't get a entry. I guess servers me right for sleeping on the post

  • Kylab Santiago

    Kylab Santiago

    2 months ago

    Mustang content! Lots of angry and mean cars in the new shop!

  • Ksiss 86

    Ksiss 86

    2 months ago

    Anyone actually owns the lawnmower? Wana know if it really is nick free, I'm tired of nicking my sack!!

  • ModDraws Ltd.

    ModDraws Ltd.

    2 months ago

    Watching from the UK. First time on this channel and see shmee 🌚 “hey guys it’s shmeeee” 🤮

  • Ek9 Luis

    Ek9 Luis

    2 months ago


  • Ek9 Luis

    Ek9 Luis

    2 months ago

    Mustang no good it’s a accident waiting to happen

  • Jake Taylor

    Jake Taylor

    2 months ago

    Wide body the c8

  • Vision Media

    Vision Media

    2 months ago

    Cute NSX.

  • Sam Madrid

    Sam Madrid

    2 months ago

    So awesome you finally got your garage👍👍

  • Alex Marroquin

    Alex Marroquin

    2 months ago

    A mach 1 mustang build would be crazy!

  • Moon Man

    Moon Man

    2 months ago

    anyone know what the HP is on Emilia's' C8??????

  • Doug Parker

    Doug Parker

    2 months ago

    $7,000 a wheel is crazy

  • ch3no2killz


    2 months ago

    Buddy has a Bendpack lift also, nice pc.. Your electricians did a super job, most of the work on the web is not so good to be nice. Next in line is some nice LED Hi-Bay lighting. You won't be sorry, same power your using and a Bunch more light! From a ole lectrician.

  • Juron Juray

    Juron Juray

    2 months ago

    I want see you built a lifted sema diesel truck that will be lit 🔥

  • Cory Mcaughey

    Cory Mcaughey

    2 months ago

    I love how shmee stopped to see everyone. He's a genius

  • Embodied Death Gaming

    Embodied Death Gaming

    2 months ago

    Hey Ms. Emilia if your looking for another build, TBH I have the perfect car for you. Its a 2002 SUBARU Impreza Outback Sport. And the best part about it, IT'S A 5 SPEED MANAUL!!

  • Richard Hughes

    Richard Hughes

    2 months ago

    I wonder if we could persuade you to buy a gimbal? The jerky erratic camera work makes this borderline unwatchable.

  • Timothy Thomas

    Timothy Thomas

    2 months ago

    You didn't read the box. Lol

  • Onaga22


    2 months ago

    smart car ( Sleeper )

  • Ryan Hensley

    Ryan Hensley

    2 months ago

    i wonder if the 3 winners watched this vid for a cheat sheet for this key..... 14:25

  • 13dma1rz


    2 months ago

    Please do not put a f*cking wing on the C8. It would ruin a great looking car.

  • Delshawn Stevens

    Delshawn Stevens

    2 months ago

    I saw the wheels in the thumbnail and instantly knew it was an NSX

  • j_mosk


    2 months ago

    They pay big money to talk about balls! Well done:)

  • Bob Thomas

    Bob Thomas

    2 months ago

    wOw....interesting whatcha know about manscaping?? BAA HAA HAA

  • King Dj

    King Dj

    2 months ago

    YES!!!! To the Mustang build!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Dylan Gilbride

    Dylan Gilbride

    2 months ago

    Yes get a MUSTANG!!!!😍🥺🤤

  • John Resendiz

    John Resendiz

    2 months ago

    69 C-10 drift truck!!!

  • emily croot

    emily croot

    2 months ago

    hell yes !!! that is stunning !!!

  • Schalk van der Merwe

    Schalk van der Merwe

    2 months ago

    I once puked in my friends car and he had to sell it...true story

  • Jeffrey Whitlatch

    Jeffrey Whitlatch

    2 months ago

    She's baby smooth

  • Luis Carrion

    Luis Carrion

    2 months ago

    14:48 Hi tiny Emelia haha

  • Ross Bone

    Ross Bone

    2 months ago

    7K per wheel,...what a utter waste of $.

  • aggiewoodie


    2 months ago

    FYI, as a lawyer, I’m not sure, but I think as a female boss handing out “your balls will thank you” manscaping tools to male staff might be “fostering a hostile work environment.”



    2 months ago

    Daddy and mommy helps u out to pay the Bills..or just snowflake YOUTUBE ?

  • DenVer


    2 months ago

    carbon weels - for people who wnat spend monew for nothing. Ti Mg Al - use in spaceships.

  • Romulus Creative

    Romulus Creative

    2 months ago

    Hes beeeuuutiful

  • Tomas Johansson

    Tomas Johansson

    2 months ago