Talk is cheap… settling this drama.

Published on Jul 22, 2021
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What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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    • teknoäijä


      Month ago

      you are looking unusually ample in this video.both your and vette s racks look good!i say hello from finland and i am subbing your ass right now.most of my vette experience comes from gapping them during my 15+ yrs in street racing with my 100%streetable 64 malibu known here as just malipu(finnish pronunciation).i can fully relate to your trials and tribulations as i know what record setting performance requires from and work quite simply.determination and drive.for me it was the 9 sec barrier on a no prep surface as we race these small airstrip "tracks".our local track has a notch just at starting line and it accumulates all kinds of non traction material best 60 footer is 1.462 and that is with 21.5/15/35 hoosier drag slicks driven by 538 chevy bb with12-71 hi-helix roots blower and shit.just keep working and i follow your undertakings from finland with love!!

    • chill Will

      chill Will

      Month ago

      Yes we have seen everything and would love to see the Reno of the trailer. Don't go so long again please I missed that smile and the builds.

    • john burden

      john burden

      Month ago

      U can at least tell us the name of the movie

    • xZEUSx


      Month ago

      When will you meet up with Damon and Dave

    • Martin Collins

      Martin Collins

      2 months ago

      Honest question, would it be at all beneficial to use parts from Hennessy? I mean they make a high hp c8

  • Christina Buttram

    Christina Buttram

    18 days ago

    Yeah for sure! Vids of you fixing up the trailer would be rad. 👌
    Love your vids

  • James H

    James H

    26 days ago

    You said a caveman could do it. Looked like a caveman was installing the rear main seal, with a socket? Where's your big rock? ha ha just kidding

  • Ray from the K

    Ray from the K

    Month ago

    New Zealand 🤙🤙

  • John Arpino

    John Arpino

    Month ago

    HEY BABYGIRL CAN I ASSIST IN THE BUILDING OF A 2023 ZO6 Im a Retired Mechanical Engineer Im absolutely excited about this new Design This Platform has unlimited potential applications up to 3,500 hp

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    Month ago

    nothin sexxier than a woman pulling wrenches,drifting and driving fast cars...

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    Gary Dutka

    Month ago

    Can I plz b part of ur camera crew I'll work cheap

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    Vino Hekhuvi Achumi

    Month ago

    Emily ❤️

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    nick chill

    Month ago

    Love the channel so original and unique. Your one of a handful real cool keep up the hard work .

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    Ricardo Martinez

    Month ago

    Bite me with love

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    jeffrey bridges

    Month ago

    Show the trailer remodel, you would to see your design.

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    Terry Ligocki

    Month ago

    Nice story in Motor Trend! I can’t wait to see you push Phoenix further and faster…

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    Seth Goodwin

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    Poetrius Giovanni

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    Yota Savage

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  • Wilbert Low

    Wilbert Low

    Month ago

    Thank you for making a great video. You guys make fixing car fun and enjoy watching your shows , Keep up the great building your car and keep going faster #1. Aloha from Hawaii

  • garyofsaratoga


    Month ago

    Great formula: cute, giggly girl that does her own work, amazing driver and is BAD ASS! Congats on everything - very entertaining! Maybe put a giant Corvette Racing Jake logo on that trailer. ...I'm not sure tho, can call her a daily if you trailer her?

  • Henry Henry

    Henry Henry

    Month ago

    can you get a wing for your c8

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    JT T

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    Month ago

    Shits honestly slow

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    Tom Z

    Month ago

    Congratz on the motul deal !!!!!!! only the best for the worlds fastest c8 corvette.

  • JetsetJoey


    Month ago

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    Month ago

    I live in NZ so could buy directly off Dodson.



    Month ago


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    TheLast SkullRipper

    Month ago

    OMG Em! I don't know about most of your fans, but I would love to see the adventure of working on your enclosed trailer. I think it'd be dope!

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    Bill Richardson

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    Michael Colorado

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    Month ago

    I tried to look into your Patreon, but I got a page not found. Keep up the exciting videos, it makes me hopeful seeing people keeping the ICE alive and kicking!

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    Gregory Krawchuk

    Month ago

    Also I know it sounds crazy but will you be tearing that transmission back down to see how the clutch pack is doing after putting the car through its strenuous Pacers I would think so and I'm sure motul would be also please keep us informed

  • Gregory Krawchuk

    Gregory Krawchuk

    Month ago

    Love the channel and your quest for the eights I hope the new clutch pack holds up and will produce better results also very interested in that new motul oil that you are trying in your transmission will you keep us posted on the availability of this product cuz I am very interested in trying it in my Pro Street will you be a spokesperson for this product and letting us know the fans when and where we can get this oil maybe you can be the distributor for this product which would be awesome well thank you for your time be safe

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    Ashish Gupta

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    Taco Killer

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    Heath Hunter

    Month ago

    I can't stand "stage xx" anything.... a decade ago, that was a sure bet that you are getting ripped off when you can build better with a few clicks for half the price. I dont know how it became more mainstream again, like the 90s/2k era suckers.

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    Kevin Boyd

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    Derrick Johnston

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    Michael Bowie

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    Joel Bell

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    Hahahahaha......TJ is a cool guy doing great work, but would love to see you kick his rear-end.

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    Month ago

    What's up with the hella slow uploads? You guys falling behind again? You've had this car for how long and you can barely get into the 9s... still haven't gone piggy back, still using 100 year old clutch/trans technology. People on youtube are the dumbest on the planet

  • Les Morris

    Les Morris

    Month ago

    would like to see the trailer upgrades please

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    Month ago

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    V S&S

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    Freakalicious 75

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    Max Bender

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    da443-g Almond

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    Amerikings Will Billi

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    Corrado Racer

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    mike doblo

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    Month ago

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