TJ Hunt Got in my Face... Publicly Calls Out My World Record C8 Corvette...

Published on Apr 5, 2021
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It's going down... no more messing around...

Be kind, Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. ♥


What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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  • mythology buster

    mythology buster

    Day ago

    Why does Mimi not have a straight six turbo?

  • Fakumadda


    Day ago

    I think it's great when women engage in sports that are male dominated. The question is do they like being dominated by a male after the sun falls, or do they prefer to continue having control of the shifter.

  • Dennis Sorensen

    Dennis Sorensen

    4 days ago

    Doors, fenders and bootlid off ... make fibreglass copies, mount and "gain" 200 hp without tuning the drive train. 😄😂

  • kctyphoon


    5 days ago

    This girls got one great life.. love being able to watch it.

  • J P

    J P

    6 days ago

    The ruthless save lily decay because verdict gully mine up a regular wednesday. strong, pastoral bow

  • Edddie f

    Edddie f

    7 days ago

    "Ive pushed cars more than I driven cars" 😂😂😂

  • Akino Haruna

    Akino Haruna

    11 days ago
    Youtube: This is fine
    Someone: Says "heck"
    Youtube: BE GONE
    однако я люблю таких рыбаков

  • William Burdine

    William Burdine

    12 days ago

    ROFLMAO... 17:32 "My Rack Might be actually Bent" AND She Points to "Them". Okay Juvenile, I know, but God Knows I love what you do and how you go about it... Sense of Humor is also OFF the Chart FUN!!!

  • Jeffery Holcombe

    Jeffery Holcombe

    14 days ago

    Please tell me that there is a 3800 Turbo motor for that Grand National! Anything else would be sacrilegious in that Buick GN.

  • Shane Sischo

    Shane Sischo

    17 days ago

    I want to see more of envy, and also, was that Tj Lavin?

  • sjgavenger37


    19 days ago

    I like to see your C8 against farmtruck. Both street legal so it would be interesting.

  • Rooster


    21 day ago

    I worked my ass off replacing a roof on my dads house as a kid to get the money to buy a pair of bootleg pit vipers

  • Rooster


    21 day ago

    I worked my ass off replacing a roof on my dads house as a kid to get the money to buy a pair of bootleg pit vipers

  • snoopyracecar


    21 day ago

    Of course we want to see more

  • Eric Hyde

    Eric Hyde

    21 day ago

    That nissan sounds insane

  • Mike Lord

    Mike Lord

    23 days ago

    I can't believe I just watched the whole video....

  • Trent Shepard

    Trent Shepard

    24 days ago

    Must be nice.

  • Gary Findlay

    Gary Findlay

    29 days ago

    Honestly I love this channel. Keep the drifting coming!

  • Motion VIP

    Motion VIP

    Month ago

    Tj Hunt can't compete against you girl!! 🤣🤙 awesome

  • Joe Knowski

    Joe Knowski

    Month ago

    Still amazed by how the car community is. That's awesome now come help me with my 70 chevelle ha

  • Morgan McCahon

    Morgan McCahon

    Month ago

    fuck i miss drifting, need to get myself another s14a or r32 and get back at it, don't even get to ride passenger now I've left Ireland 😭
    glad to see Paige has found the joys of drifting 😁

  • Justin Racine

    Justin Racine

    Month ago

    You should wear a fire suit 💯

  • Peter Tappan

    Peter Tappan

    Month ago

    Emilia Hartford I love you and all that you do ❣️ I wish you were mine

  • 4davegardner


    Month ago

    Sick video, so entertaining.

  • Shawn Pack

    Shawn Pack

    Month ago

    We all know what TJ stands for, (tiny johnson), hes just pissed you didnt ask to borrow his firesuit.

  • Jesse Gomez

    Jesse Gomez

    Month ago

    Seriously page is so beautiful and is the absolute best!👍🏼

  • Josh Holton

    Josh Holton

    Month ago

    I wish my girl was this into cars and motorsports.
    Oh well, can't have everything.

  • Robert Rulon

    Robert Rulon

    Month ago

    Drifting is f*king dumb.

  • Jok3y Jesu3

    Jok3y Jesu3

    Month ago

    Honestly I'd just 4 link it and bulid a whole new back half of the frame so yoy can install whatever tires yoy want

  • Trickster Madness

    Trickster Madness

    Month ago

    He's right, your car's not all that. Must be nice using guys ànd getting discounts and labor. Stay a User.

  • Tom Z

    Tom Z

    Month ago

    best bent rack ever

  • sirach carter

    sirach carter

    Month ago

    Yes for envy

  • Jason Simpkins

    Jason Simpkins

    Month ago

    I love when girls are as giddy as guys when they hear a sick exhaust! 😍🥰

  • Mark Atkinson

    Mark Atkinson

    Month ago

    🌺🌺..' love ya Doll.. "who wakes up at 4:30 in the Morning.... " The CLASS A Carpenters of the World here in Michigan DO!
    SO do YOUR Ever Vigilant "US Marines".
    Have You Hugged a U.S.MARINE LATELY "?....
    'HANDS DOWN : BEST huggers out there . Stay Real we LOVE YOU HON '.

  • Azza


    Month ago

    Emilia- i think my rack might be bent
    Me- it looks great to me 😘😂

  • Michael Cavalieri

    Michael Cavalieri

    Month ago

    I just love the number of times you said bent rack hahaha I love it I f****** love 😘😘💕💕 bent rack. Bent rack anyone haha.

  • Brock Manley

    Brock Manley

    Month ago

    why notch the frame and not just get a deeper offset wheel?

  • Robb Burkee

    Robb Burkee

    Month ago

    Whistlin Diesel style... add a few wheel spacers!

  • Connor B

    Connor B

    Month ago

    Keep this click bait garbage on DDE

  • Cal Miller

    Cal Miller

    Month ago

    Emelia has the most genuine content. There's a lot of pretenders out there, a lot of builders, racers, and commenters but Emelia is the SHIT!

  • Youthlessdruqs9k


    Month ago

    You randomly popped up and I saw my bro TJ so now you got a new follower can’t wait to see what this blog is about

  • Adam Garon

    Adam Garon

    Month ago

    Hey straighten that rack 😂😂

  • Adam Garon

    Adam Garon

    Month ago

    #Dave_DDE 🥸🥸

  • Fred Stewart

    Fred Stewart

    Month ago

    I guess I've been living under a rock I just subscribed to this channel and it is now my new favorite

  • Richmon Smith

    Richmon Smith

    Month ago

    Emelia high af in the intro! Peep them eyes boys!

    • EmeliaHartford


      Month ago




    Month ago

    don't see a problem with her Rack....

  • Optimist Prime

    Optimist Prime

    Month ago

    Oh look interpersonal drama yay

  • David Whitfield

    David Whitfield

    Month ago

    Don't ever put your hands outside of a racing or drifting vehicle you crash you are gonna lose your damn hands. I had a friend do that in a go cart it flipped he had his hands out the damn window recording on his phone and cut off his fingers.

  • eyelovekicks


    Month ago

    Those pit vipers are the dumbest fucking sunglasses. Worse then tool bag Oakleys.

  • eyelovekicks


    Month ago

    Not the fastest c8 anymore. Not the most power either. Too bad I was rooting for you and the car.

  • Eamonn Price

    Eamonn Price

    Month ago

    Rocket!!! "When in doubt, Flat out!", well, thats a Colin McRae Rally slogan, but anyway 😎

  • Scarlett RX Gamer 15 2.0

    Scarlett RX Gamer 15 2.0

    Month ago

    18:47 Ur Welcome Again

  • Scarlett RX Gamer 15 2.0

    Scarlett RX Gamer 15 2.0

    Month ago

    11:52 Ur Welcome

  • Z Ack

    Z Ack

    Month ago

    Really? An f40? Well...

  • Dan Shroyer

    Dan Shroyer

    Month ago

    You are my favorite woman driver it is so damn sexy to watch you send it! 😊

  • Walter E. Mellin

    Walter E. Mellin

    Month ago

    Paige is so adorable, I love her driving style. You were killing it behind the wheel, especially with a bent rack and broken tie rod

  • Facetious Pig

    Facetious Pig

    Month ago

    Damn Paige has a set of guns on her!

  • Luis Marroquin

    Luis Marroquin

    Month ago

    DAN AND EMELIA ?🥺💕🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Operation 660

    Operation 660

    Month ago

    12:15 damn that's driving!!

  • Aj 15

    Aj 15

    Month ago

    you need a speedglas welding helmet. I got you Let me know!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick Scott

    Rick Scott

    Month ago

    No matter what you do you make it exciting !

  • Andrew Lee

    Andrew Lee

    Month ago

    What's happening in vegas in 2 weeks

  • Zachary Perkins

    Zachary Perkins

    Month ago

    Paige is cute

  • Pieter allen Master Blue

    Pieter allen Master Blue

    Month ago

    Who the fuck are you ladies? am I in the wrong country? You ladies are beautiful and awesome! AND YOU CAN DRIVE WOW!, Oh yeah Fanny in my country fanny is a girl's VG or a butt in America and you are neither! YOU ARE ALL FUCKIN AWESOME!

  • Thomas Rangel

    Thomas Rangel

    2 months ago

    Sad af

  • EF-rything


    2 months ago

    One youtuber rocks ugly shades now everyone rocks ugly shades. Shits hilarious

  • EF-rything


    2 months ago

    We already knew Page was the dominant one 🤔😂

  • White Walker

    White Walker

    2 months ago

    I’m in love with Paige! Not just cuz she’s hot...which she is! But for one of the greatest lines ever spoken in the history of mankind/womankind! “You all driving like Grandmas out here! If Grandma is in the car, kick her out, so we can go”!

  • Street Faction Engineering

    Street Faction Engineering

    2 months ago

    Thanks for the love, Emelia! 🥰🙏🤩

  • Arkadiusz Wasilewski

    Arkadiusz Wasilewski

    2 months ago

    Girl you can drive woow Peige is cool friend. Keep on going. You doing great.



    2 months ago

    Yess more drifting

  • hg


    2 months ago

    Tell me it wasn't all intentional - "bent rack", "busted rack", "rack's all wobbly". Give us poor guys a break :)

  • Matthew Fetherston

    Matthew Fetherston

    2 months ago

    We cant have a bent rack

  • chuygav


    2 months ago

    @texaspridetrailers hook her up with a trailer

  • HaleStorm50


    2 months ago

    I wake up at 4:00

  • Zach Houston

    Zach Houston

    2 months ago

    Huuhhh Awwreadyy that boi Danger Dan in da Buildin! @Hoonigan

  • Randy Frenette

    Randy Frenette

    2 months ago

    Yeah don't blow this one up either. 🤞🤞🤣😅

  • Aly Chilton

    Aly Chilton

    2 months ago


  • TheDuckumz


    2 months ago

    Damn TJ, now i want street tacos at 7am...

  • rien smeets

    rien smeets

    2 months ago

    so emelia does either go for understeer or for insane oversteer

  • Thomas Allen

    Thomas Allen

    2 months ago

    I want to see more of u n ur c8

  • Thomas Allen

    Thomas Allen

    2 months ago

    Im in love with u u r amazing stunning gorgeous beautiful lady i love that u love speed

  • aitutaki50


    2 months ago

    Excellent video highlighting your build & driving skills!

  • William Rutledge

    William Rutledge

    2 months ago

    15:41 No she likes to eat the steering wheel

  • Jose Santizo

    Jose Santizo

    2 months ago

    Dang you and TJ have a thing

  • Humberto Heredia Rodriguez

    Humberto Heredia Rodriguez

    2 months ago

    Quote of the day “ Fat kid in a old man body” 😂

  • Ben Daulton

    Ben Daulton

    2 months ago

    Do a ten ten things I hate about TJ Hunt!

  • Micah -

    Micah -

    2 months ago

    TJ FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!

  • Xelsworthx


    2 months ago

    Tj is not drifting, he’s just driving like it’s time attack lol

  • Michael Almanza

    Michael Almanza

    2 months ago

    Yea sure "gets in my face"

  • Alan 444

    Alan 444

    2 months ago

    Put the vette on the track.

  • Richard Cleary

    Richard Cleary

    2 months ago

    You need a futura trailer for loading up your cars. Check them out

  • Ris3n Gaud

    Ris3n Gaud

    2 months ago

    Paige is gorgeous

  • Funny Bologna

    Funny Bologna

    2 months ago

    Fck 1.this made me miss my 240 and regret selling it
    2. Realized I have a mega crush on this chick
    3. I need to find a car girl 😫

  • Bergs Bergs

    Bergs Bergs

    2 months ago

    You're rack is fine

  • Felix Gonzalez

    Felix Gonzalez

    2 months ago

    I live vicariously through y'all :). Thank you.

  • Clark Kent

    Clark Kent

    2 months ago

    I mean maybe you should've actually built it

  • Jmluke1


    2 months ago

    How does this shit pop up on my phone? FU utube

  • Stephen Warren

    Stephen Warren

    2 months ago

    That was great with you and shmee. Love your C8. 1,000hp. Wow.

  • Mel Dickerson

    Mel Dickerson

    2 months ago

    More Paige!! Haha little ball of happiness