World's Fastest Twin Turbo C8 Corvette Kicked Out For Being TOO FAST.... Phoenix is DIALED!

Published on May 8, 2021
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  • mythology buster

    mythology buster

    Day ago

    Mimi needs fat tires and nitrous!

  • Jason Collins

    Jason Collins

    2 days ago

    It’s shameful to see people in this video not standing up for freedom in America! The mask doesn’t protect you from a virus. Take the dippers off and grow some PLEASE. Stop degrading yourself just to support business like these

  • Joseph Hutchins

    Joseph Hutchins

    2 days ago

    Ur bad ass. Wasn't expecting that from something so bueatiful

  • WingsofRichard


    3 days ago

    My buds honda would smoke this thing

  • Captain Spike

    Captain Spike

    6 days ago

    "My favourite jet tag yet," she says as flipping it around and flailing so no one can read it without precise pausing.

  • Akino Haruna

    Akino Haruna

    11 days ago
    Youtube: This is fine
    Someone: Says "heck"
    Youtube: BE GONE
    однако я люблю таких рыбаков

  • Ron T

    Ron T

    14 days ago

    Dear Track dudes,,, Tough shit!

  • INTOKU-LordKenjiSama :7主𝕛𝕒𝕡𝕒𝕟⦿

    INTOKU-LordKenjiSama :7主𝕛𝕒𝕡𝕒𝕟⦿

    17 days ago

    Hey Excuse me 😆

  • Nerdyism


    18 days ago

    You know she's gonna do it for Dale when she gets some wisdom from the giraffe...

  • gidz


    19 days ago

    Look so hot 😍

  • Ken Giroux

    Ken Giroux

    22 days ago

    Who's red Pontiac Firebird Firehawk

  • Ryan 9638

    Ryan 9638

    22 days ago

    As Carroll Shelby once said, their is never enough power, just not enough grip.

  • Hyacinth Lynch

    Hyacinth Lynch

    22 days ago

    Go Emmy!!!...Go!!!

  • Just King Adrian

    Just King Adrian

    23 days ago

    Watching with my 2 year old daughter. She loves it!

  • itsJJoosshhuuaa


    23 days ago

    “We took beans away”

  • Robert Longoria

    Robert Longoria

    23 days ago

    Omg I'm in Love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Luis Carlos

    Luis Carlos

    24 days ago


  • Raymond Mejias

    Raymond Mejias

    24 days ago

    It's 4 am & I'm still watching you, good luck and make Phoenix get that you girl!! 🙏😇

  • Raul C

    Raul C

    25 days ago

    Damn... fine girls that race?? Hell yeah!!

  • Scot West

    Scot West

    25 days ago

    Y’all should come to bowling green , KY LS Fest.

  • Chris Mosena

    Chris Mosena

    26 days ago

    for the record no longer the fastest fuel tech posted a video i believe topped yours

  • Arcanjo Bike

    Arcanjo Bike

    26 days ago

    9.615 é o tempo a se bater agora... estamos esperando hehehehehe

  • Brandon Nelson

    Brandon Nelson

    27 days ago

    Mimi shifts so slow.

  • Larson Racing.

    Larson Racing.

    27 days ago

    Nothin better than a baddy that can drive

  • HydroThunder


    29 days ago

    These are Hobby videos why on earth I would sub to your pateron. Grifting is running rampant on YT. I miss the old days of Yt before it became a grift. -a-thon

    • HydroThunder


      3 days ago

      @WingsofRichard lmao that’s exactly my thoughts. Also go check this YT channel called DAP their latest video (it’s a dude face) I called him out on his e begging and he’s getting angry lmao

    • WingsofRichard


      3 days ago

      @HydroThunder Real talk. We need a radical Rick or darius truxton for the car community

    • HydroThunder


      3 days ago

      @WingsofRichard the platform turned into a sale pitch. I really don’t give a hell if a thot can race cars and sell merchandise. I honestly forget even how I came across this video honestly lol. Everybody say no to e begging.

    • WingsofRichard


      3 days ago

      Exactly everyone is an e-beggar these days pushing patreon, paypal, merch etc. From gaming to auto channels it really has ruined the platform

  • Damien Daes

    Damien Daes

    29 days ago

    Y is that a big deal if they go under 10 seconds

  • Sean R.

    Sean R.

    29 days ago

    This is the worst trigger speed I've seen... like there's a good half second delay.... that is the difference

  • Unique.Kustoms “KiWi.420 aSsAsSiN” Kiwi.666

    Unique.Kustoms “KiWi.420 aSsAsSiN” Kiwi.666

    29 days ago

    Damn full spool full send love it well done dude 🏁🚗❤🍻

  • Ethan Putman

    Ethan Putman

    Month ago

    Is there some kind of UFC style drag strips?.... Like, fastest takes all, anything goes?

  • ICUSteal


    Month ago

    Cool vid. Go for broke!

  • Storm Bolt

    Storm Bolt

    Month ago

    Ahhh, yes, I just wanted to see car go vroom, now I have no idea whats going on lol

  • barnesj0007


    Month ago

    You hooked up nicely running that C8!!!

  • closedeyz


    Month ago

    I'm not familiar with drag racing but isn't the point to run as fast as you can??

  • Glenn James

    Glenn James

    Month ago absolute toolbag.

  • Daily Donkey Salty Dabs

    Daily Donkey Salty Dabs

    Month ago

    All i can say is AWESOME!!!!!

  • Great 1

    Great 1

    Month ago

    Not that impressive seriously. You can boost anything to be that fast or faster. LET'S SEE HOW FAST IT IS ON A FULL NA BUILD! NOW THAT'S IMPRESSIVE!💯

  • Jas Gill

    Jas Gill

    Month ago

    this is sooo sick

  • Jeffrey Gibson

    Jeffrey Gibson

    Month ago

    How come they kicked you thought the point was to get there as fast as possible?

  • Angry Gnome

    Angry Gnome

    Month ago


  • Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

    Month ago

    Should been fined and suspended for that disrespectful bs. Now had you wrecked and died it would fall on the sport and car not you idiots.

  • symphx


    Month ago

    whats 0-60 time

  • Zachery Kelley

    Zachery Kelley

    Month ago

    Hell yeah that's

    • Zachery Kelley

      Zachery Kelley

      Month ago

      Cool guys

  • Lisa Rodriguez

    Lisa Rodriguez

    Month ago

    You need a new driver

  • GT 43

    GT 43

    Month ago

    It wasn't too fast, it was too unsafe.

  • PhillLsx Ga.

    PhillLsx Ga.

    Month ago

    Wow the drama I couldn't even watch the video...

  • Michael Anthony

    Michael Anthony

    Month ago

    Extensive and thorough research has revealed that Emelia and Alex have near identical physiques therefore they can share racing PPE in a pinch.

  • super1337spy


    Month ago

    Mimi needs some more meat in the back

  • super1337spy


    Month ago


  • Drag Racing and Car Stuff

    Drag Racing and Car Stuff

    Month ago

    That C8 just hooks

  • Jesus


    Month ago

    Heard about this on my Google News and I had to see it

  • P_a_E_7_Z_x Gaming

    P_a_E_7_Z_x Gaming

    Month ago

    World's fastest is laughable. Everyone who had the potential to build this 20x faster sold them because they're smart and realised what a piece of shit they are. You're in a race by yourself, sit down 🤣🤣

  • causeimbatmaaan


    Month ago

    2000ft with turbos??? What an idiot!

  • Heatshield Products Inc

    Heatshield Products Inc

    Month ago

    Nice job Emelia. Holding it down with the C8.

  • Roy HI

    Roy HI

    Month ago

    You made the mainstream news!

  • Providence Tidal Reef

    Providence Tidal Reef

    Month ago

    You go girl! Kick that ass woohoo! Great job ;)

  • Claudio Ferreira

    Claudio Ferreira

    Month ago

    D+!!! Br aqui através do @Anderson Dick!

  • Nick Contreras

    Nick Contreras

    Month ago

    what r they mad about a fast car going fast? y tf do they care🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Majimo 2202I

    Majimo 2202I

    Month ago

    When a cam for the c8 comes out would you cam your c8

  • Michael Michaels

    Michael Michaels

    Month ago

    Hot girls and fast cars? Perfect!!! 😁

  • Prince Young

    Prince Young

    Month ago

    Sheesh! 👀

  • Bruno


    Month ago

    Congratulations Emila! 👍👍

  • Trevor Milde

    Trevor Milde

    Month ago

    Love the Corvette

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Month ago

    Emelia Hartford Awesome Video I'm glad Phoenix ran a 9.7 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and I'm sorry to hear that you got kicked out of the track

  • Im A Fanboy

    Im A Fanboy

    Month ago

    You really think you can tell the difference between a V6 and a V8? Ill give you 25 if you guess the sound of these engines
    Good luck!

  • Chris Catarcio

    Chris Catarcio

    Month ago

    Ok kids this is why we race cars. NOT DINOS.

  • Yukhana


    Month ago

    Emelia 1 tip i have because i noticed your spinning through 1st the tip is maybe try slipping the clutch instead of dumping it

  • spyder 4351

    spyder 4351

    Month ago

    From the sounds of it the drag strip should apoligize to all of you who brought their ls powered vehicles out there to drag race And they had complete crap for prep on the track the whole time.

  • Gelson Silva

    Gelson Silva

    Month ago

    O brasileiro faz motor volks ap 4 cilindros com 3.5 kg de pressão imagina um v8 com toda tecnologia a disposição.
    Top de mais the Brazilian makes a 4-cylinder volks engine with 3.5kg of pressure imagine a v8 with all the technologies that the USA offers

  • 2stroke Me

    2stroke Me

    Month ago

    The perfect woman doesn't exi.....

  • Nickel white S550

    Nickel white S550

    Month ago

    That why you stay away from them tracks. Go to a outlaw track. We can run low 8’s with no cage. Not a word said.

  • WizardBeard


    Month ago

    Kicked out why? Where i'm from we go as fast as we can that's some BS.



    Month ago

    Wait why did they get kicked out for going too fast?

  • Matt Blank

    Matt Blank

    Month ago

    The NHRA needs to adjust to the times. With the Demon and so many others so close its a little ridiculous. If you keep a fully factory body and interior you should be within the rules. No one wants to be forced to detune or drastically modify the car for safety when it is so close to stock.

    • Matt Blank

      Matt Blank

      Month ago

      @Trevor That's another thought I have too, if I want to put myself at risk who should be able to tell me I can't? No one. Plus your point about newer cars being safer is beyond a good point. When the rules were created a roll over at 50 mph was a near guaranteed death and now roll overs at 75 with only minor injuries are common.

    • Trevor


      Month ago

      @Matt Blank Fair. After giving it some thought, I suppose the NHRA will eventually drop it by half a second to a second but time will tell. The Demon and modern cars are much safer than those of the past. But I haven't and don't exactly want to see the results of a Demon/765lt/suped up C8 having a massive failure at those speeds without a cage. I would assume that is the NHRA's fears at this point in time as well. At the end of the day, no one is forcing Emilia to cage her car. She isn't banned or anything. She will just get parked again if she breaks into the 9s without the proper safety equipment. Oh well, it is what it is. Play by their rules, or don't. Her choice.

    • Matt Blank

      Matt Blank

      Month ago

      @Trevor I raced sportsman class for a decade and it doesn't have too much going on for rules that would involve modifying the car. You can keep a car very stock. My issue is having cars that are stock with a bigger turbo and exhaust or something and telling someone that they have to mangle that car to be able to run it. Think 50 years from now when that car would have been collectible but the owner was forced to destroy it to add a cage because they ran a 9.90 a couple times. I have friends and family that have raced circle track and that isn't even a comparison. You are not just in a lane, alone going mostly straight. I would never expect safety to be second to anything in racing where there is some car to car contact in every race.

    • Trevor


      Month ago

      I haven't been following the dodge demon for quite a while. Are regular normal stock owners going out and doing 9 second passes? I believe when it first came out, it was a pro driver on a prepped track. Anyways, I'm pretty sure they will not ban you outright if you pull it off. Like Emilia, they just park you for the day. It's not like they ban you and impound your car lol. Growing up around circle track racing, I strongly disagree about throwing safety aside for competition just because you have a really fast close to stock car with full factory body and interior. You want to bring your Demon or highly modified uncaged car to the strip on Saturday night? Fine. But if you want to compete regularly in say the Sportsman division, the car needs to come up to actual race car safety standards.

  • InjunJoe


    Month ago

    I have always been a vette fan. Congrats, Emilia on a car that the doubters say can’t do 1,000 horses. Can’t wait to see Phoenix go sub 9 seconds!

  • randomize27


    Month ago

    Amazing performance!
    I collect Corvette miniatures. Any chance Phoenix will be made into a collectible? As it's so fast, I'm certain Johnny Lightning or Hot Wheels would be interested.

  • Eric Wi

    Eric Wi

    Month ago

    What’s the reason the drag strip staff would be pissed about a fast car?

    • Eric Wi

      Eric Wi

      Month ago

      @Trevor ah ok thanks for the clarification!

    • Trevor


      Month ago

      Current NHRA rules state that a car running under 10 seconds requires a full roll cage, and other safety modifications. If you can't meet that, they just park you for the day.

  • A҉n҉g҉r҉y҉ ҉Y҉a҉n҉k҉ R҉C҉

    A҉n҉g҉r҉y҉ ҉Y҉a҉n҉k҉ R҉C҉

    Month ago

    I would add about 3 more degrees of timing and drop about 2 pounds of boost off of MiMi and drop the small tires and take her up to a big tire setup for some better bite off the line... She is gonna be one mean mudda Emelia... Grats to you some good passes

  • Banhmi Dac Biet

    Banhmi Dac Biet

    Month ago

    Someone fill me in on why were they pissed off that emilia cracked it in the 9s?

  • Twiggy Webber

    Twiggy Webber

    Month ago

    I'm confused, why were they mad and why they kick her out

  • Alex D

    Alex D

    Month ago

    Woohoo MSN!

  • Ace Mo

    Ace Mo

    Month ago

    So why would they kick you out? Makes no sense.

  • Michael Biniakewitz

    Michael Biniakewitz

    Month ago

    Fuel tech ran a 9.27 C8 so how is this better

    • Trevor


      Month ago

      Did he make that pass during an NHRA certified event?

  • G M

    G M

    Month ago

    Starts with a thanks

  • Jason Grimes

    Jason Grimes

    Month ago

    If your a friend or Cleetus your already winning at life

  • Turbo Mike

    Turbo Mike

    Month ago

    Lmao, omg their mad we have to leave who cares tell them to fuck off

  • jeremy mitchell

    jeremy mitchell

    Month ago

    9:40 is the run

  • Ollie Liberty

    Ollie Liberty

    Month ago

    No better way to be kicked out of anywhere💯!!! You're gnarly girl!!!🤙

  • Snowrunnergod


    Month ago

    Never knew you were in fastest Car watching episode now

  • Key Commander

    Key Commander

    Month ago

    Upstart replacing debt with debt!!! I was always taught if u want something save for it if u can’t afford it don’t buy it. These days so many people live beyond they means! Have a big house with a big kitchen but no food to go in the kitchen cupboards 🤔

  • Troy Knight

    Troy Knight

    Month ago

    The sound of this car at the 943 mark made my hair stand up 😁❤️👍

  • Eric Anderson

    Eric Anderson

    Month ago

    The moment you see the time, you instantly go welp, looks like their going home lol

  • B H

    B H

    Month ago

    That's one fu**ing fast vette...

  • Just Sayin

    Just Sayin

    Month ago

    Actual 1/4 mile at 9:45

  • Rick Spenkelink

    Rick Spenkelink

    Month ago


  • Miggs Solo

    Miggs Solo

    Month ago

    might sound dumb but why did they get kicked off ?

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Leroy Jenkins

    Month ago

    This is so stupid

  • Christopher Vaughn

    Christopher Vaughn

    Month ago

    Hey emilia have you seen the new hyper vett body kit for the C8 so sick Phoenix needs that reply to this comment if you think so too

  • graham chandler

    graham chandler

    Month ago

    Getting kicked out for being too fast. Wow Society is getting far , far too soft. Just send it!

  • A


    Month ago

    Only time I watch these is when I'm taking a 3 minute dump

  • James H

    James H

    Month ago

    Girl, need to work on your shifting. Slam those gears!